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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Gift for a Grand Nephew!

So what is wrong with this picture!!

Ok, that first question isn't really fair.  So let's unwrap the package.

You see, while I was laid up with a bum knee, I did a lot of knitting!
But you already knew that.

And I promised to show you everything I knit. 
 But I failed to show you this last little project.

Since it was a Christmas gift for a special little boy, I wrapped it with all the other gifts.
And THEN, I remembered ... 'Silly person, you didn't take any pictures.'

No choice.  It needed to be unwrapped.

The sweater is for my grand nephew, a sweet little guy, named Will.

And because I couldn't just do a single sweater, I made a second sweater for a teddy bear!  
A matching sweater.
I think together they make a pretty cute Christmas gift.

I am especially fond of the buttons.  
They sort of look woven or maybe like knitted stitches.  
Both sweaters are made of the same yarn and have the same buttons.

Ok, that is it!
Now I need to rewrap this gift!

See what I do for you readers!!  



Priscilla said...

Beautiful! It's a beautiful sweater on the teddy, and it's going to be even more beautiful on the grand nephew! My goodness, you're talented!

Michelle said...

That is freakin' ADORABLE!

happyone said...

Wow, great job!! I'm glad you unwrapped it so we could see it. : )

Lynne said...

Oh my . . . what a delightful combo.
I hope you get a picture of grand nephew in his sweater, holding the bear with his sweater.
ADORABLE . . . I am sharing this with some knitting friends.
Happy you unwrapped it to show us!