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Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Shower Gifts

Officially my husband and I contributed to the purchase of a very nice stroller.  You know, of course, I couldn't leave it at that.  I am a knitter.  It would have been the greatest of sins against the knitting gods if I hadn't knitted something for this dear child.  

And, I am sure you will not be surprise to discover that I did more than one item!  After all, I was laid up with a bum knee.  But my hands weren't broken.  So here is what I brought.

These two helmets were crochet.
This first item - a baby Viking Helmut - my son's discovery.   He found the baby Helmut picture somewhere and forwarded it to me.  No explanation, no requests - just the picture.  So within about 15 minutes I found the pattern on line - (fast fingers) - and it was purchased.  And oh so lucky, the pattern included other sizes - right up to adult.  So the new dad got a matching helmut as well.  And - of course - I couldn't leave it at that.  I found a book titled:  "How to raise Viking children and other tales of woe."  How cute is that!

The next project was a cotton baby blanket.  The cotton was purchased about 4 years ago (I was still hopeful at the time I would have a grandchild - purchasing yarn in advance - well in advance as it turned out. )  I had so much of this cotton I made a matching bunny.

The bunny's butt!  :-)

This next project is a newborn matching sweater and bonnet.  Now in the atmosphere is full disclosure I must share the fact that for years I always said I would NEVER knit anything in newborn size.  Never, never, never.  Babies grow so fast ... I expounded to anyone who stood still to listen.  It was a waste.  Crazy!  Insane really.  Certainly not sensible!

Then there was going to be a newborn in my world.  And what size is the first garment I make for her - newborn!

Lesson to be learned from this story ... never pay any attention to anything I say!  :-)

This final gift is long overdue.  It is a shawl for the new mom.  I have had this idea for some time that new mothers-to-be should have a personal gift just for them.  After all, anyone who has been pregnant knows that pregnancy isn't always easy.  Nausea, expanding waist line, frequent trips to the bathroom at night, someone punching at you from the inside, odd cravings, crazy hormones ... really, this list is the tip of a slippery iceberg!  It can be the most wonderful time of your life - or the worst - and even a mix of both.  A gift for the person who is sharing their body with another human being is the least I could do.

My daughter-in-law is of Italian descent, with dark hair, dark eyes and a lovely olive complexion.  This red color is perfect for her.

Since the shower my knitting list of projects has grown very large.  No more newborn - for sure.  Working on an 18 month red hoodie for my grand daughter now.  And there are two knitted dragons I want to make (more on the dragon theme in another post.).  Several shawls are in my line up for my daughter, daughter-in-law and myself AND a matching poncho outfit for mother and daughter - the pattern is so darn cute.   My sister's daughter had her first baby this past August - and yes, I did some knitting for my grand nephew, Will (pictures to follow.). And there is a very handsome cabled sweater in my radar for him in Christmas 2018.

So I will be busy.  Very very busy!

So much to look forward to!!


Michelle said...

I feel your energy and excitement!

Priscilla said...

The helmuts are so stinin' cute! SO cute! You daughter-in-law is going to love the shawl. It's beautiful.

Linda said...

I love those so cute Viking helmets and bunny butt. What an exciting time! LOL, I have also found myself doing something I said I would never do. Nice we can still surprise ourselves.

Paula said...

You are a wonderful grandma already!!

Retired Knitter said...

Oh, I am just getting started!!!