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Friday, November 26, 2010

And now the sweater pictures

I guess you could say these pictures are over kill. But we really wanted to have a group shot with our sweaters. And Meaty and Grimmy joined us - they don't need sweaters but they weren't going to be left out of a pee-poop opportunity! Enjoy!

Not sure what is happening here. Maybe the glass of wine that was drunk before the walk had some impact on behavior. Got to stop Milo from drinking wine! :-)
A pretty good fit - don't you think?

Great deer poop here!!!

Like I said - our pets are family!


  1. I like that sweater, and the fact that it has an opening for the leash. Quite reasonable, but I'd not seen one before.

  2. The five of you all look wonderful! Great job on the sweaters!

  3. Ah, the sweaters are done. :-) Looking good, looking good.


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