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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A sister and a daughter

There are no pictures here. No wonderful descriptions of magnificent sights.

Just a simple recognition that without the help of my sister and my daughter, our day drip to Philadelphia would have been impossible! The peace of mind I had that mom was OK, that my sister and my daughter were here to take care of any situation that would arise ... well, to quote a commercial ... it is "priceless".

Now I am not saying that it was a piece of cake for them while I was gone. They had, in fact, broken out a bottle of wine in an effort to cope (mom can be a challenge when change is forced on her). And mom was rather un-gracious when I got home. After all, I got home at the dreadful hour of 10:00 pm. And apparently 2 phone calls home to check in that everything was ok was not enough. "So, you decided to come home" was my welcome! *sigh* But I knew in my heart that everything was OK, and it was fun to have one day without any cares or concerns.

So what could I be thankful for on this day? A sister and a daughter.

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  1. Just got caught up on all the posts about your trip - sounds wonderful! I am so glad you got such a fun day out. You take great pictures from your lap!


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