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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Dress

Clasp at the neck of the jacket

Last weekend was supposed to be the great wailing and gnashing of teeth - tears and frustration - as I struggled to find a fancy something to wear to my son's wedding.

Shoulder of the jacket

I can't remember the last time I had to really dress up. And if a business attire was required, a suit was adequate.

So getting this dress caused me some distress. No experience at picking out this kind of clothing. No experience at wearing this kind of clothing. No experience usually equals mistakes. And I couldn't afford a mistake at my son's wedding.


The sleeve of the jacket

So we went to Nordstomes and Lord and Taylor - both places had pretty good selections - things I could actually see myself wearing. I was less anxious.

At Lord and Taylor we found the perfect mother-of-the-groom solution.

Neck at the back.

Separates - and not a dress at all.
  • A shell top. Good for May if it is warm.
  • A matching long sleeve jacket with an attractive neck for someone who will be 65 years old (if you know what I mean.) Good for May if it is cool.
  • A skirt that isn't a skirt at all. Good for a woman who is more comfortable in pants.
The shell and the jacket are black knit with embroidered silver thread trim throughout, very sparkly - a lot of sparkle for me personally, but my daughter assured me it was great. And standing beside my husband in his Tux, I won't be an embarrassment. The pictures don't capture the silver reflection as much as it is in reality.

The "skirt" is loose flowing sheer black pants that look like a skirt if you stand still. Over the pants are 4 sheer flowing panels that give a further impression of a skirt when moving. The hem is tea length - more mid calf. I am sure this style has a name, but it is just not part of my "causal clothing" vocabulary.

Hem of the jacket.

Guess you figured out by now that I won't be providing a full picture. Snippets is all you are going to see until the Wedding Day. Unless I am fully done up (hair, make up, shoes ... etc.) a picture wouldn't do justice anyway.

Still need to buy shoes (no heels for me - maybe some patten leather flats) and figure out what to do with my short hair. But the big "dress" mountain is now behind me.

Final note: It is an evening wedding, the color theme is purple and green for the decorations and the attendants dresses are black. When I told my mom I was wearing black she had an expression of disbelief! I had to explain that black was one of the new in-colors for a wedding - especially an evening wedding! I don't think she understood. And every time since then, when she asks about my outfit, I have to explain all over again. I will show the outfit to her in advance. I think she will understand better when she sees my outfit. If definitely is not something you would wear to a funeral! :-)


  1. I went through the same thing last October when my son got married - - such stress! Looks like you found something beautiful to wear, though!!

  2. I haven't worn anything that showed my legs in almost ten years....I salute you.

  3. The design is beautiful and am sure it will look lovely on you. Having been through the "dress" thing my self (x3!!!) I share your distress. But trust me, it will all be for naught when the day arrives!! Enjoy the "prep time", it's half the fun!!!

  4. @ Elaine - It looks wonderful .. and with the flow movement will shimmer in a quiet way - just right I'd say - I think I'd describe it as Silver to your Mother ..

    Great selection .. cheers Hilary

  5. You will look very grand in this outfit. The fabric is gorgeous. And the style sounds very flattering. Enjoy all the wedding preparations!

  6. Great choice! You will be lovely, I'm sure...and fit right in with all these new "wedding acceptable" trends. This outfit, though, as if it would have been totally appropriate for you for an evening wedding at anytime! And sparkle-y is always a plus!!


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