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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sleepless Sleep Overs

My daughter and I joke about our "sleepless sleep-overs" with the three grand-dogs. Last night was a sleep-over night.

A typical "sleepless sleep over" looks something like this ...

9:00 pm - take the three dogs out for their last walk of the night (Ha!!) Humans pull up the water bowl.

11:00 pm - take the three dogs out for a short pee walk just before the humans climb into bed.

12:30 am - Meaty gets up, wanders around the first floor, snorting a bit, checking for water, stops at the top of the steps to the front door, stands and stares for awhile, goes down the 4 steps to continue the "stare" in earnest aimed the closed door. Usually we hear the sound of bully dog feet landing heavily on each step and canine nails on the ceramic tile foyer. Humans figure it is better to get up and give him one last pee so we can sleep the rest of the night. While putting his collar on, the other two decide to join him. *sigh*

3:00 am - Meaty gets up, ditto, ditto, ditto, to the "12:30 am preamble journey" to the front door in the exact same order with the exact same sound effects. The other 2 dogs drag themselves out of bed ... because why not, you never know when you will get to pee again.

4:30 am - Meaty gets up, (you know the by drill now - the look and sound never changes), except that by 4:30 the other 2 dogs have caught onto the fact that Meaty either has prostate problems or is demented! Either is possible. But the grumbly humans keep up the same routine, because they are clearly demented.

6:30 am - (The normal get-up time for Meaty when he is with papa!) Meaty gets up! Everyone gets up! The dogs are chipper, happy to see the sun, eager for their regular morning walk around the block and a yummy breakfast, ready to greet the new day with joy and enthusiasm.

The humans ... not so much.

Last night ??

Meaty was off his game! Went to bed at 9:00 pm - got up at 6:30 am!!

I wonder if he is ill ...


  1. It was a gift from the universe. Just take it and say "thank you".

  2. You know the saying, "Don't look for trouble"! Everything looks better after a good night sleep.

  3. Here is a comment from Anita - I accidentally hit "delete" rather than "publish" with my fat finger from my iPad - and one you do that - the comment is gone forever!!

    Sorry, Anita.

    "I laughed out loud! "who knows when you'll get a chance to pee again"....that's me when I'm away from the house! I know every restroom available in the area...(well, I do take a diuretic for blood pressure) and who knows when I might be in a store that doesn't have a restroom? So I always "go" before leaving the current store I'm in!"

  4. I'm not sure I could go on with that schedule for too long, hope you don't have to either!

  5. I love this - glad I wasn't spending the night, though! :)

  6. I love this - glad I wasn't spending the night, though! :)


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