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Friday, March 30, 2012

Preparing for A to Z

I have been pretty blog quiet. I've been tied up with company, various events and wedding preparations ... including the lovely shower for my soon to be daughter-in-law. It has been a busy month.

But the Blog event called A to Z will be firing up on April 1st and I will be participating. Hope you will be hanging around for the event.

I am trying to catch up on all your back blog postings - all 450+ postings (not the biggest back log I have ever had, but close.)

Back on April 1st!


  1. Are you blogging a theme or just random topics?

  2. I've missed hearing from you (except your comments, which I love). Busy is good, keeps worry at bay too. Enjoy the happiness coming into your life, your family is growing by one daughter-in-law. Don't forget to share a little of your happiness with us! Looking forward to the A-Z!

  3. I've got my first post ready to go. I had hoped to be ahead of the game. But I'm not. For some reason, I'm more stressed with a theme. Can't wait for your posts!


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