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Friday, March 13, 2015

Inquiring Minds: "Capturing" Blog Posts

In returning to blogging and visiting blogs this month I decided to make a change in how I am notified of new blog posts from the blogs I follow.

In the past, I used a "blog catcher" ... most recently Bloglovin'.  Basically I tell Bloglovin' which blogs I follow.  Bloglovin' captures recent blog posts from my list for me.  The blog posts are held on their web site until I am ready to read them.  Once read, the blog posts are automatically removed from my "To Be Read List."  Bloglovin' sends me one daily email reminding me that I have blog posts ready for review.

I am sure most blog catcher sites work in a similar fashion.  I have used that method for a long time.

Now the problem for me is  ... I seem to get behind on my reading.  When I open up the blog catcher I can have 100 open blog posts waiting for review.  It is can be discouraging.  Sometimes I just mark everything as "read" even though I didn't read it.  t know the problem rests partly in my tendency to ignore the daily Bloglovin' reminder ... but when I get an individual blog post directly dropped into my gmail inbox, I don't ignore it.

So I am moving over to the "send me an email" subscription method for each blog entry posted.  Most blogs offer you the option to subscribe through email.  Initially I was worried that my gmail inbox would be flooded ... but that hasn't happened yet.  Blog posts trickle in daily and are entirely manageable.  And I find I can read a current blog posting far more promptly than before ... at least so far.

what methods have you used ... 
and what method are you currently using?  
Is there another option out there I didn't mention?


  1. I just check the reading list on blogger a couple times a day.

  2. I use bloglovin but I try to go through it each day.

  3. Like Delores, I use Blogger's Dashboard to check the reading list.

  4. I was so happy to read a comment from you on my blog this morning. It had seemed you stopped blogging so I haven't checked your blog. I've just caught up on all your posts.
    I am so very sorry to read about your mom dying. You've had quite a winter. I thought you told it so well when you talked about the difference of mourning and missing your mom.

    Glad to hear you are walking again : ) and you are blogging once again. I've missed you my friend.

    I have a blog and put all the blogs I read on it and then just check there to see updates. I check it some time during the day and usually one last time in the evening.

  5. I keep a list of blogs that I follow in my sidebar and it is arranged by latest post first. So I can read all the new posts and ignore any that are further down the list as I have already read those.

  6. I use three methods. I have blogs that I receive email notification which seems to work best but I use yahoo mail for those and find I stop getting notices so I also use my sidebar which helps me to see when yahoo has stopped delivering notices. I too have bloglovin, but hate it. I ignore the emails because it seems like so much work to go through then like you I end up with so many it overwhelms me.


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