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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Not Torture!


Yesterday's walk outside was not torture.

Yes, I know, I guess I have sunk pretty low when reaching the threshold of "not torture" is great news.

So here is why I have achieved the "not torture" status!

I can now walk and breathe at the same time without panting and drawing attention to my plight.
I can walk up a slope without slowing my speed to much - faster than a turtle I bet. 
I can now pass a bench without seriously considering a sit down to black out for a bit.
I can now enter the house without immediately seeking the couch.
I can now complete a walk without hip pain.
I can now enjoy about 90% of the walk without wishing for death!

Let's hear a rousing cheer!!

(Louder, please.)

I also returned to Yoga at the Senior Center in February.  That was a humbling experience!  No, "humbling" is the wrong word.  It was embarrassing.  My strength, flexibility and balance are pathetic!!  No, "pathetic" is the wrong word.  It was ... hmm ... can't use those words here.  So lets leave it at pathetic ... pathetically embarrassing.  Thank God I can be at the back of the room. 

I leave those classes thinking, "You are only a few years away from becoming a totally inflexible pretzel."  But my personality is such that I won't accept that fate.  Almost every evening I do stretches from some DVDs I have.  This slow progress has also reached the level of "not torture."  

So improvements all around!  
I am psyched!!!  

Onward to the next status - Improved and Uninjured!


  1. From Wayyyy over here in Canaday...hip hip hoooray!!!!

  2. Good for you!! I still stumble over the words "Senior Center", even though my age certainly qualifies me.... I should probably look at what's offered locally for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Actually here they call the Senior Centers - 50+ Centers. Since I am pretty much passed 50 by 17 years - it is not bother for me to use the traditional term. :-) The instructor does many traditional yoga poses - sometimes less intense but aimed at each person's abilities. No head stands, thankfully. :-)

  3. Good for you! I still stumble over the words "Senior Center," although my age certainly qualifies me. I'll have to look at what's available to me, locally. Thanks for the inspiration!


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