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Friday, April 22, 2016


Moving away from the moving theme for a bit, lets talk food.


Yes, that is my breakfast.  

I love breakfast.  And not just any breakfast.  I need something that will hold me until lunch time.  I have repeated this breakfast menu almost every single morning for more than a year.

  • One egg and one egg white, sprinkled a little cheese, 
  • 2 pieces of low fat sandwich ham fried in butter :-)
  • fresh veggies cut up with a tablespoon of humus,
  • a wassa cracker, a tablespoon of humus
  • and if available ... massaged kale.  
  • Oh, and my second cup of coffee.  The first cup of coffee must be ingested about an hour before starting to cook so that I am safe working over hot surfaces.  Ha.

Every.Single.Morning.  Over and over again.

When I go to bed at night I think about breakfast, I love it that much.  I think, maybe I will eat something different in the morning.  Maybe oatmeal with dry fruit and nuts.  Maybe some pancakes.  Maybe waffles.  Maybe a bagel with cream cheese.  Choices, choices.

But in the morning, my body seems to crave everything in that picture and I begin the ritual breakfast meal prep.  And when everything is ready, I sit at the table with my Kindle and read while I eat.  It is amazing I don't get tired of it.

There is only one exception to this breakfast.

Left over Chinese carry out!
That is AMAZING at breakfast.

So what does your breakfast look like?  And please, someone say they love Chinese carry out for breakfast.  :-)


  1. My breakfast is often oatmeal cooked with vanilla soy milk, a little stevia, frozen blueberries stirred in to thaw, topped with flax meal.

  2. I am not a breakfast eater at all. I have to force myself to have something to eat

  3. My breakfast is usually a bowl of Raisin Bran.
    Or one pancake, or two pieces of toast and I always have a glass of milk every morning.
    I can't eat the first thing in the morning when I get up though. I eat mine when I get back from my walk.
    Sorry, no left over Chinese for me. : ) There are no good Chinese restaurants around here!!


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