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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good Morning World ...

... at 5:30 am, sometimes 4:00 am, and even 3:00 am.

Sleep does not seem to be my friend all that much of recent months.

I know the problem probably lies in change.  Moving may be the culprit.  We are probably only 10% into this whole process ... and I am tired - like all the time tired.

Packing up everything you own and moving it somewhere else unsettling at any age, but more so when you get older.  Add to that all the details required to selling and buying property, changing all your services and getting resettled somewhere else is enough to rob anyone of sleep.

My brain seems to have trouble shutting off and taking a break to sleep.

Of course sleep and I haven't been all that fast friends since I entered my 60s.  And I regularly use non prescription sleep aids to get my eyes to close at bedtime.  The problem is keeping them closed.  Hence the 'joyful' welcome of the morning.  Truly, if I open my eyes and the clock says 5:30 am ... I count that as a full night sleep even if I closed my eyes at midnight.  If the clock says 2:00 am, I have a serious talk with my wide awake brain as I lay there in bed willing sleep to come.  Usually by 4:00 am I win the war and sleep comes.

And yet, around 2:00 in the afternoon, I can't seem to keep my eyes open.  If I sit, the body takes that as a signal to relax and the eyes quickly follow.  Seldom do I actually sleep then either.  I rest.

My mom used to call this position 'just resting her eyes.'  I get it now mom, I get it!  Too bad she is not here in person to see that I get it.

And maybe this all has nothing to do with the stress of moving.  Maybe this has more to do with facing my 70s.

Maybe that aging brain I talked about a few posts back is just the tip of the iceberg of everything slowing down.

Well ... so much for wool gathering!  
No time to dither.
  Need to keep moving and packing and pitching!
  The clock is ticking.
  Too much to do to sit and watch it tick.


  1. I think some of it might be a bit of depression. With depression we can suffer insomnia or sleep too much. Right now I am in the 'sleep too much' category. And I know exactly why I do it!

  2. Ha! My grandfather used to call it resting his eyes too. We would laugh because he would be snoring away yet insisting he hadn't fallen asleep. :-)

    I have no trouble staying asleep, it's rare if I do wake during the night, it's the getting to sleep that is my problem. I'm usually up until 3 am then sleep until 10. Seven hours is good for me. Then this past week the sun and heat arrived and I worked all day outdoors. I was so tired after the third day of this I fell asleep at 9pm and slept for 12 solid hours. Maybe you will be able to experience a night like that once you are in the midst of moving.

  3. I didn't inherit the sound sleeping genes of either parent; sure wish I had. Menopause makes it even worse....


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