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Friday, April 29, 2016

Progress ... to a brick wall?

The moving saga continues.  

It progresses to a point that may hit a brick wall.

The last few days I took a break from all this effort.  I was too tired to continue. I really need to pace myself now.  My energy levels are not inexhaustible.  Such a sad observation of an older body.  But it confirms the need to make some life adjustments during this year.

The real problem so far has been the lack of properties that fit our needs.  Oh yes, there are bunches out there, more and more every day.  And that is encouraging.  But I know we cannot move into a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo that has only 800 to 950 square feet.  I have seen a few.  We need about 1,000 square feet.  And many condos use that limited space very poorly.  They are filled with walls and hallways - instead of maximizing the limited space with an open style floor plan.  It is amazing how many advertise an "open floor" plan and when you see it, the walls seem to close you in.

Then there is the problem of condition.  Neither my husband or I are handy.  We won't move from a townhouse that really is "move in ready" and start over in a condo that was listed as "move in ready" and isn't.  One property needed all new appliances and painting throughout.  All the closet doors would need to be replaced.  And, of course, the biggest hinderance, no access by wheel chair or walker should we need it in the future.  I could not face repeating all the work we did here - to make another place right for us.  If it was a hobby or a talent of mine, maybe, but it isn't.  And that kind of updating requires money when you hire someone to do it for you.

No matter ... something may show up.  It is only April.  We have searched for only a month.  We are early in this process.  But it sure is tiring and challenging.

The downsizing and cleaning continues.  Collection of packing materials continues.  A few boxes have been packed.  The house continues to feel less and less filled - even if only to our eyes.  It has been a freeing process.  One I wish I had done earlier.

But the condo market in our area just isn't cooperating yet.

Although my husband cannot help with any of these efforts ... we have settled together on a plan of action.

Our plan looks something like this ...

  • Continue the clean out and downsize efforts until we reach the point that the remaining stuff is what we use all the time and love.  
  • Continue to look at condos with the eye to move in 2016.
  • When we find a property we are interested in, then put our townhouse on the market to sell.  This approach is chancy because it assumes that the condo seller will wait while we sell our townhouse.  It is possible.  We both agree, however, we don't want to be pushed into buying something else quick (maybe making a bad decision) because we have a buyer for our place waiting in the wings. 
  • Come October, if we have not moved, we may wind up settling in place making adjustments to this property to make it almost do-able.  Those adjustments include things like stair lifts and hiring cleaning help.  Certainly this is a fall back position - and not ideal on many levels.  But re-settling in a condo that doesn't fit our needs either is not ideal.  
  • On the upside the townhouse and our contents would be in total move-ready condition should something change unexpectedly.
Right now, I think that is the best we can do.


  1. It is all very difficult trying to time everything just right. In matters like this I tend to believe in fate. What is meant to happen will happen.

  2. I think when I finally make that decision to sell I will put it on the market. I can begin to move my stuff to a storage building. When the house sells I will look for a short term rental while I decide what house will suit my needs. I, too, don't want to be rushed to buy something. I don't think very many sellers will wait for me to sell my house before they take theirs off the market


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