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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Meeting With The Agent

We like our agent!  It was a good decision to change agents.  The first gentleman was nice, but I couldn't help feeling he was focused on a different element of the market than we were.

Our third meeting with the new agent went well this week.  The walk-through of our property was simplified by the fact we will not be residing in the house when it is shown.  So our "punch list" should be short.

But during our talk I was caught unexpectedly by an emotion that I have kept under control.

He said our house would show very well in the pictures and in person.  Our care and improvements will make for an easy showing.  Then he said that the brochure they would create would also look great.


Something about having our house shown in a brochure made the emotion of leaving this place suddenly rise to the surface.  I responded, that I would try not to cry when he created that brochure.  He glanced at me and paused for a moment.  He then gracefully shifted his gaze and commented that a move like this after 30 years is hard - so much life has occurred here - and your obvious care of the property shows just how hard it will be.

I could feel my eyes tearing up and my throat tighten.  I couldn't speak.

He quickly went on to describe the house he and his wife had lived in and had 6 kids in - 1100 square foot rancher.  He talked about how it felt to keep that house, but rent it to strangers.  That his son still cuts the grass for that property.  That he only rented to those he trusted, but still had attachments.  And so on and so on.

While he talked I had a chance to get control of my emotions.  I was grateful.

We moved on.

Oh my God.
  This won't be easy.
  How will I ever get through the settlement process!


  1. What a great agent. DEFINITELY a good choice. (HUGS)

  2. It will be hard. But you are getting through it one step at a time. I think it will get easier when you find the property you want to move to. Then the excitement will help with the sadness.

  3. My cousin sold his house of more than 20 years last year. He said the hardest part was the negative comments people made about his beloved home! Good luck!!


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