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Monday, May 23, 2016

My Life List

I follow the blog Smidgens, Snippets and Bits. I found Paula when she was a caregiver for her husband who has since passed away.  I was caring for my mom at the same time and my mom passed away several months after her husband.  She and I had a lot in common.

She has a fun blog, and you should check her out.  One post she offers with regularity is a "My Life List."    As I read through her recent list, I realized that my own responses to her prompts jump out of my mind too.  Although she started this practice as a link to A Simple Woman's Daybook blog, she decided to break away from that format.  Her own format is relaxed - no strict rules about entries or prompts, no linking to other blogs, just a way to share short bursts of your own life as it suits you.  I loved the idea of it and have decided to "steal" (translation - join) her idea.  Knowing Paula, it will make her smile.

My Life List Currently: 

I am thankful ...
... for the continued thread of connectivity and friendship I have with blog friends who have traveled with me since this blog was created in 2009.  So much has changed, so many hurdles leaped.  And yet, here we still are together.

Looking out my window ...
... I see green.  I am so fortunate to have a green back drop to my townhouse.  Yes, I have neighbors attached to me on either side, but when I look out my back windows it is like looking into a small forest of green.  Deer frequently visit that hill of green and you don't need binoculars to see them ... I am that close.  Sometimes they sit on that hill (they think they are hidden) and I can watch them.  Mom used to love that.  I will miss this view when I move.

As I ponder ....
... the next 15 years.  Yes, in only 15 years I will be 84.  Seems almost impossible, that so much time of my life is behind me and that I will be an old woman by anyone's definition in 15 short years.  I am not sure I would think about this next stage of life it I hadn't watched an elderly person walk through it while living in my home.  That realization is less a theory and more a reality once you have had the experience.  It is much like the young person at 25 who knows if they live long enough they will be a very very old person at 50, (ha), but really doesn't believe it so it is more theoretical - and yet as you get closer to 50 you start to believe it as reality (except 50 doesn't feel "very very old.")

What I am learning ...
.... patience!  Patience, patience and more patience.  I thought I had learned all there was about patience in taking care of my mom, but I find the well of patience I still need to learn continues to grow in taking care of my husband with his increasing visual impairment.  Being his eyes is a daily - sometimes hourly - task.  I push back frequently in many small ways to encourage independence, but it is like pushing a boulder up hill.  And he is a person with little patience - has been all his life, so the frustration he feels is so great with this limitation - and the sorrow I feel knowing this sometimes brings tears to my eyes.  In writing this, I realize that maybe what I need to be doing is teaching him patience.  Hmmm ....

What I am reading ...
I am almost always "reading" two books.
I am listening to The Sound of Glass by Karen White.
I am reading on my Kindle Treasure of Darkness by S. W. Hubbard

What I am creating ....
I am working on two shawls.  Pictures to follow in another post.  All my other fiber projects are packed away so that the house looks tidy and uncluttered for a potential sale.

What I am watching ...
Season four of House of Cards - Oh, my God, these people are so despicable.  And I wonder at myself that I can't stop watching that show.  Ha!

What's on my camera phone ...
I have been helping my husband to set up a new iMac computer.   In doing that I took two pictures of our personal wall paper from the old iMac.  The first picture is my wall paper of a flower filled with color and shades of pink.  The second picture is my husbands wall paper.  Color has no meaning for him.  He needs contrast and bold lines - and with these changes he can see only parts.  We can't look through his eyes, but these images sort of demonstrates the scope of what he dealing with.  These pictures make me sad.

A quote I want to share ...
One day she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in her life.  And with that she realized the only control she had was how she chose to handle them.  So she made a decision to survive using courage, humor and grace.  She was the Queen of her own life and the choice was hers!   Luputha Hermin

I have a ways to go before I am using courage, humor and grace.

A peek into my week ...
This week we meet with our new real-estate agent for a final walk through of our property, to get a final punch list of changes needed so we are ready to sell this property if something shows up on the market for us to buy.  We will also sign the contract with him.  And my regular schedule of dogs visits starts up again mostly because the puppy needs a break mid-day to peep and have his lunch.

Word of the year update ... Move!
Well, my word for the year is "move" and I guess it still fits.  I planned it to mean keep my body moving.  Turns out it is more like "move" all your worldly possessions somewhere else!  Yikes.  How did that happen.  My "move" exercise efforts are still struggling.  By the time I get done with my "move" all your worldly possessions efforts, I am bushed.  I guess moving is moving regardless of how it happens.  But now that my downsizing efforts have slowed, my exercise efforts need to pick up.

Well, there you have it!  I think it is a fun exercise and it hits the high (and low) points of my life today.  Enjoy.


  1. I don't think I have the energy or fortitude to create such a list, so good on you for doing it!

    1. It is really just a list of prompts - and what rises to the surface of your mind. It is amazing how it sparks a response.

  2. Thanks very much for the shout out!! I love that you are doing this with me. I think it helps us to reflect and plan ahead. Something that is so important at this stage of our lives. I would love to have you teach me patience. I am not patient in any way!! I long for patience. But I am too impatient to wait on it to happen. Keep on writing Elaine. I love to visit with you!

    1. I have always been described as a patient person - as a teacher and as a manager through my whole career. But I had to reach another level of patience as a caregiver for my mom - and now again for my husband. I think the closer you are emotionally to the issue you need to show patiences with - the harder it is. You can't just walk away.

  3. I thought I left a comment. Now I am just back to check and see if your moderate your comments or if I didn't hit publish!

    1. Yes, I do moderate my comments. I harm a follower who needed to respond anonymously and to allow her to do that, I needed to moderate comments. The stuff that attempts to post to a blog is amazing.

  4. Hello! I saw your comment on Paula's blog and agree with what you told her about a more relaxed take on the daybook posts. So, I wanted to come for a visit to your place. I really love the quote you shared! The 'grace' part of the quote touched me. One line in an old John Denver song, Rocky Mountain High, is "...seeking grace in every step he takes." It reminds me that we have the frequent opportunity to find grace with every step of the way. It's been on my mind lately too, so wanted to share. The view from your townhome sounds lovely! A phrase you wrote makes me smile: "I am bushed." My father used to say that and I learned it from him. I never hear anyone use that phrase. One time, in downtown St. Paul, a nun said that to me and I helped her to a bench to sit down. She was visiting from Australia and there, 'bushed' means lost! She didn't need a bench to sit on, she needed directions! Blessings on your day. Can't wait to see your shawls.

    1. Hello and welcome!! Glad you visited. I love it when "like souls" are found through blog posts. Hope to hear more from you ...

  5. It looks like you and I are about the same age. I am a volunteer visitor for two ladies in a retirement/memory care home, so I can see aging first hand in them. Moving is a lot of hard work that is for sure. How fun that your word for the year is move, and move in a bigger way than you intended. I like your list.

    1. I think we are a similar age. I have considered volunteering at a retirement or nursing home. I might seek that out after our moving project is finished.

  6. Moving is hard especially when you love the house. We are downsizing as well and have spent the last week working our butts off to get this house ready to go on the market because we are kinda backwards people and found the house we want to buy before we put this one on the market. Good luck with your new adventures.

    1. Wendy, good luck with your house selling. Sounds like you and I are approaching this from different directions. I can't find a place to move, but my own space is almost ready to leave ... you have selected a place to move, but you are struggling to get your own house ready. I don't think there is a "right" way ... and I think everything about this kind of transition is exhausting and stressful. Good luck to you.


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