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Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Life List - Memorial Day Weekend 2016

My Life List

I am joining the blog Smidgens, Snippets and Bits in sharing "My Life List."

My Life List Currently: 

I am thankful ...
... on this Memorial Day for the citizens who gave their lives in service to our country.  My earnest wish is that we can live in a world where there is no need to memorialize deceased military citizens because the world will be at peace.  Human beings being what they are, I am sure not even my great grandchildren will live long enough to see that day.

Looking out my front window ...
... I see well maintained green spaces and terraces.  I live on a small hill that separates us from the street.  It was the distance from the street that attracted me to this location.  Townhouse developments are typically uninteresting, cookie-cutter communities that resemble each other.  Frequently they have tiny front yards that hug a parking lot.  The developer of this community created an appealing space at the entrance where some of the town homes are up off the street allowing some sense of privacy and style.  The original landscape has matured.  After so long a time I hardly even notice its inviting beauty until someone else comments how lovely the setting is.  I'll miss this view when we leave.

As I ponder ....
... the Memorial Day holiday and this political season I can't help but wonder how our country got to such a dysfunctional place. I try to avoid taking public positions on political and religious views.  No one's deepest beliefs are changed by raging discussions of these topics.  But I am so uneasy at the national trends right now, I feel the need to express a worrisome opinion somewhere.  My blog ... my space .... my opinion.

I am a registered Independent.  I have supported both Democratic and Republican candidates over my voting history.  One party never has all the answers.  But we are so divided as citizens now, and I believe that this division is reflected in the leadership we elected ... polarizing us even more.  Setting aside policy differences, when we cannot even replace a Supreme Court Justice using the rules our nation lives by - our Constitution - we are in a very sad state.

I believe current candidates are the most diverse (and one is just plain frightening) choices for President in our history.  Sadly no candidate shows the leadership potential to pull us away from our derisive path.  I admit to being a big supporter of President Obama ... not because I agree with all his policies, but because he is an educated, even-tempered, thoughtful man who has served with grace under incredible pressure.  If a person of his quality could not bring us to more national unity and understanding, the current batch of candidates most certainly will make things worse.

When the nations of the world look at our struggles to pick a leader ... a leader who historically is the leader of the free world ... I am sure they cringe.  What has happened to America?  Are we going through a "terrible twos" period in our history, or a mid-life crisis, or are we in decline as the voice of reason in a crazy dangerous world?

I hope we are in a momentary "blip" in our history.  That calmer more reasonable minds will prevail and we return to a better sensibility of who are ... and behave accordingly!  (I am such a polly-anna!) 

What I am learning ...
... I am learning to keep my mouth shut about this political stuff on Facebook.

What I am reading ...
  •  This Bitter Treasure by S. W. Hubbard.   This is the 3rd book in the Palmyrton Estate Sale Mystery Series.  The lead character, Audrey Neaton, is the owner of an Estate Sale company.  The mysteries revolve around that various estate sales she coordinates.  There is always a mystery and there is a bit of romance but the theme that attracts me is the estate sale business.  Great fun!
What I am creating ....
Besides an ulcer :-) ...  I am still working two shawls.

Discovery time ....
I bought two new items this week.  During a period when I am not buying much of anything, I was kind of surprised by these purchases.
  • The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own by Joshua Becker.  I obviously have a weakness for reading non-fiction books on this topic. Rated on Amazon as 4.8 stars out of 5, I couldn't seem to pass this up.  I usually buy Kindle editions because they are cheaper and don't take up space, but for this title, the Kindle was more expensive.  I probably will pass the book on when I am done.  My designated shelf for books is full and I am not going to allow it to spill over.
  • The Handbag of Holding -  Ok, this was a fun impulse purchase.  I will admit to a bit of a tote bag obsession.  I always have a knitting project or two, plus my Kindle and my iPad with me.  I am always on the search for interesting and functional totes.  This bag is the latest in that search.  The origins of this bag and name are found specifically in the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons (D and D).  A "bag of holding" is described as a "wondrous item" used by gamers to hold a great number of items that would normally be to big or to heavy for the bag or a person to carry.  It is "a bag that has an interior space considerably larger than its outside dimensions and can hold up to 500 pounds.  The bag weighs about 15 pounds regardless of its contents."  See?  Wonderous!  Anyway, I came across The Handbag of Holding on Amazon.  It is a tote designed to hold a lot in an organized fashion and its zipper pulls are 20 sided dice (another game reference.)  It has a handsome tailored look, and I love the game reference.  I used to play D and D with a group - and my husband and son still play monthly with same group of individuals for over 35 years.  
Feel free to check out the Amazon links.

What I am watching ...
I finished watching House of Cards and am now struggling to find another highly rated series to follow.  I have sort of run out of titles.  Any suggestions?

I started a TV series call Grace and Frankie.  The actors are Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen - all actors I enjoy.  Briefly, it is a comedy about two women finding out that their husbands are not just work partners, but have also been romantically involved for the last 20 years.  The wives have a strained relationship already and coping with this news doesn't make things better.  I have seen the first two episodes and I am not entirely sold on it, but it has multiple seasons and is highly rated so I will give it a few more episodes before I decide.  Sometimes these things grow on you.

What's on my camera phone ...
The beautiful lady is my daughter, Kristin with her dog, Milo.  This picture is one of the professional
shots taken for sales promotions where my daughter works.
She is the Director of Sales at a Retirement Continuing Care Community in DC
and Milo is considered "part of the sales team."  Folks love seeing
that pets are part of the life in a senior community so it is not an idle title for Milo.
He is not on the payroll, but he pulls is weight. :-)
A quote I want to share ...
Some things in life cannot be fixed.  They can only be carried.  Megan Devine

In my experience most things can't be fixed.  They must be carried.  And the load of carried items just keeps getting heavier as the years pass.  I think that is why people get shorter as they get older - the weight of life gets heavy.  :-)  Well, that is my story, and I am sticking to it.

A peek into my week ...
It is the end of one month and the start of another.  I feel the pull to start initiate and/or re-commit to things at the beginning of a month.  I plan to focus on these 3 things:
  • With the downsizing efforts reduced, I have time to finally get my photo albums and loose pictures organized.  I am also hoping to do some journaling in the finished albums - adding thoughts and remembrances in and around the mounted pictures. Nothing fancy - no scrap booking or artistic endeavors - just a way to make the parade of photos more interesting and maybe more meaningful to someone else should they show an interest.    
  • Increase my step totals beyond the 7,000 average I do now.  Goal remains 10,000 steps a day.
  • Be more consistent in my stretching routine.
A peaceful Memorial Day to you!
Remember what all those soldiers died for.
Make your citizenship count in a positive way.


  1. A wonderful life list. I am a registered Democrat who leans heavily towards the Republicans views. But I have always been an independent voter in that I vote for the person and not for the party. I agree with you that we are a nation that is very divided. However, I blame a lot of that on the President we have had for the past 8 years who hasn't done much towards uniting us, in my opinion. I think it is time for this country to try something different. Either a woman or a businessman and not a politician. I will be standing by waiting to see what happens. I will vote for one of them. I am just not yet sure which one. Both of them have good traits and bad traits. I do support all soldiers and police officers and wish our country could get behind them too! I have a police officer son whose life I fear for every single day of the year. That is some bag you purchased. Very organized with so many pockets! Love the views from your townhouse!! Have a wonderful week.

    1. Well, there you have it. The two opinions regarding President Obama! But what I can't understand is why others can't express opposite points of view like we did - without being insulting to the opposite opinion or to the elected official. I guess you and I are just perfect!! :-)

  2. I couldn't agree any more with you or your opinions about the current political mess we are scares me that so many people are idolizing what, in my mind, is nothing more than a big bully on a playground. I pray each day that saner minds prevail.

    1. I have tried to put some sense to the weird group mentality that has allowed such bazaar Republican candidates to evolve ... and there is only one explaination in my mind. People are just so frustrated and angry about the lack of results in our leaders (especially Congress where I place most of the blame for our current problems) ... that they are will to step outside of the norm - and pick a candidate who totally and outrageously different from what came before to shake up the system. And qualifications do not appear to be part of that selection sadly. What is scary about doing that is that we will be punishing ourselves with such leaders.

  3. ..."because he is an educated, even-tempered, thoughtful man who has served with grace under incredible pressure" – YES! And the above is reflected in his speech, such a welcome change after all the verbal bloopers/blunders of his predecessor. Love the theory on why people get shorter as they age. ;-)

  4. What a beautiful picture of your daughter and her dog.

    On Memorial day I was thankful my son came home from combat in one piece. On the political front I share most of your sentiments. I've talked to friends in the UK and New Zealand who are stunned by our primary and the people running for president so we are pretty much screwed as I see it.

    I have no suggestions for a television show for you. My kids keep telling me I need to check out Breaking Bad but I have no interest. The last series I enjoyed, okay was addicted to, was Dexter but it's one of those programs you either love or hate there's no in between.


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