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Friday, May 6, 2016

One step back ...

This week we decided to change real-estate agents!  Not that we had signed agreement yet with anyone, but we had been working off and on with one man from last fall  ...  more off than on!!

We met with another agent from a different real-estate company who was recommended by my son.  During our first meeting I felt more at ease about our decision to sell and move than I had during the last 10 months.  I can't tell you what made the actual difference between the two agents, except to say that this new agent is focused on the general real-estate market - which we are stepping into with trepidation - and the other guy was focus on the 55+ senior market which we had decided against.

Maybe all the stars just aligned in the sky at the right time. Whatever the reason, we changed agents this week.

I will tell you this ... doing this whole process without an agent would make my head explode!  I can't believe all the little twists and turns you go through to make a move like this. It is always making trade offs, deal making, massaging the numbers, exploring different options ... it is exhausting and stress filled stuff.  

Why can't selling and buying real-estate be like buy a bathing suit.  You go into the store, look at all the bathing suites on the rack, pick a size and color, try one on, you pick a bigger size (nuts), try on another one, you look for something that covers more of you, (decide you really must lose weight sometime soon - or stop using mirrors), you take it to the check out and pay for it.  Then you can walk out of the store and put it on right away (ok, you find a private place to put it on right away so you don't get arrested.)  Woo hoo!  Done!

Ok, buying a bathing suit is almost as hard as buying real-estate.

*Sigh*  This is bringing the crazy out in me!

Best to have the right agent so I won't go crazy.

Or should I say ...  go more crazy than I already am!  :-)


  1. Glad you found a good agent! The agent for our first house has become a lifelong friend....

  2. Nice comparison to buying a bathing suit; I hope you hold on to your sanity during the selling and buying of homes. Your new agent sounds like a good match.

  3. I think it is crucial to have an agent! There is just too much to know to do it all alone. Good luck with your process.

  4. Having the right fit with an agent is priceless. Good luck!

  5. Good for you, great decision.
    I find it is like a doctor. It can be the best doctor in the world, best credentials, highly recommended . . . but for me if there is no "people skill" connection . . . not for me, I am out of there. I need someone who is interested in me and listens to me. If that happens, my trust and comfort levels go right up and I know I have found the one right for me!
    Happy you feel you are on the right track with the new agent!

  6. Having my last move still fresh in my head I can't imagine the headaches your search is causing. I'm glad you found an agent you feel more comfortable with. I was lucky, I had been renting so I only needed to time the notice to my landlord once I'd found my new home. Of course I had very little to move after living in a studio for three years so there was nothing much I had to get rid of.

    Have you found any new properties of interest recently?


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