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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Going Deep - Update

In January I discovered a blog post called

That post plugged into a theme that was trending in my brain.  Since that first exposure to Go Deep, Not Wide, it has not been far from my thoughts.  If you missed that post I encourage you to check it out by clicking on the link above.

For me thought has become action in subtle ways - not an intentional change, just sort of like watching another person (me) do things differently.

Using the words "Go Deep" to navigate 2019 generally ... theoretically ...  fits companionably with my desire to declutter and lead a simpler life.  Said another way ... Go Deep is sort of like a string that holds together many different beads.  And so ... I thought I would share some observations of "this person" who I have been watching  ...


I get a lot of email for a person who doesn't work.  Most are vendors who want me to spend money.  I usually delete without opening and sometimes un-subscribe.  But every single day I would have about 30 emails - only 5 or so were real.  So I reversed things.  I now un-subscribe as my usual action - and delete a few without opening. What a different!!  This morning only about 8 emails - and most were blog posts I keep up with.  Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

Kindle and Audio books:

I think I am the fastest downloader east of the Mississippi!!  See it, want it, download it!  Done!  I justified it by telling myself that 'electronically having it' didn't create actual clutter.  True, but clutter isn't only objects.

My Kindle library of books waiting to be read is large.  But I pretty much read my Kindle only when eating and before going to sleep.  The pending titles grow faster than the completed ones.  I now delete offerings from Amazon for Kindle titles without looking further.  If I do happen to see a title I want I just put it on my Wish List for later. (*sigh* next in line will be shortening by Wish List.  Ha!)

The first time I counted the audiobooks on my phone there were 61 titles waiting to be heard.  Today there are 54 books.  Some were deleted because I wasn't interested in them any more, but still ... progress. I will keep my Audible membership but stop buying additional new titles - even at the cheap "daily deals" price  - till the list gets down to about 10 books.  I picked that number out of thin air, but it seems reasonable.

Real Books:

Surprisingly I am reading a few 'actual books.'  You remember what they look like - paper, glue, ink.  I occasionally purchase books - new and used - 'cause I think I want the actual paper copy of a specific title.  Of course, I don't seem to get around to reading all these purchases. I have a collection of maybe 30 books.  No more buying.  I'll read what I have and pass them on when I am done.   The books I am reading right now are:
  • The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker
  • A Stash of One's Own by Clara Parks
I'll try to use the library in the future.  We have a great library system.  Taxes pay for that.  May as well make use of it.

Electronic Social Media:

Now here is a brain-drain and time-suck I can probably reduce dramatically ... social media!   I am registered with 4 sites and I seem to participate with only 2.
  • Instagram - Joined this recently, but seldom visit.  I instinctively don't like the Instagram messages I get that tell me "So and So is now following you."  I don't know So and So.  Why would So and So follow a stranger (me) that isn't famous, isn't selling anything, never contributes anything to the site like a picture or comment, and never even visits Instagram anymore?  Just creepy. It goes.
  • Facebook - I am a frequent visitor.  My family is out there with pictures and stuff, and several craft websites are there as well.  I have blocked all the religious and political extremists, and the advertisements.  There is a Go Deep Facebook Page.  Reading others' interpretation of this  idea has been interesting.  As long as I can mold my experience by blocking and refusing unwanted people and sites, it stays (even with the bad press recently.)
  • Pinterest - I get their emails all the time - lately I seldom open them.  I remember when I joined  up, I told a family member how expansive the world of ideas and projects are on Pinterest. I remember her response - I want less not more! I get it now. It goes.
  • Blogger - I put blogging and reading blogs in this category.  It eats up more time than all the others combined, BUT it is important to me - as Marie Kondo would say - It gives me Joy!  It stays!
Where it goes from here I do not know.  Guess I will just have to keep watching "this person" to find out.


Michelle said...

That person you are watching is making real progress!

Leigh said...

This strikes a chord with me, especially the fact that my hugest area of clutter is on my computer; actually spread out over two computers! It's so easy to put something on it (just a click!), but not so easy to keep it organized. And not so easy to remember what I have and what file I put it in. Firefox has made it harder to organize and keep track of bookmarks. Now I sound like I'm complaining! lol. I need to do like you and be more proactive.

Leftycrafter said...

Thank you for this. It gave me a real eye opener and has inspired me to remove other types of clutter from my life.

Cynthia said...

I was inspired by the article when you first posted the link. It’s interesting to see how it’s going for you and that you remain committed and making progress. I can’t say the same! I have so many interests and my attention ebbs and flows between them all. I guess i am still in the “thinking about it” mode.

Marie Smith said...

Downsizing electronically is tough. I need to clean out my email as you have done. I love browsing Twitter too but keep that one lean really.

Lynne said...

I remember the article . . .
Sounds like you have some results.
I am doing some “going deep” myself.
Some success with a few things.
Friends would tell me about a favorite product, book, clothing and I would go purchase.
Now I put the “mentions” on a list for a month.
Saving myself a bunch of money!
9 times out of 10 . . . at month end I am ready to delete most.
I have the most trouble with books.
Even though it makes me have to wait . . . I am choosing the library instead of purchasing,
A sense of freedom is a benefit.