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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Guessing Game - First Clue

How about a little guessing game.  
I am crocheting a ...
for Eskarina.  

I am curious to see if you can tell what it will be.
  You see, it is crocheted in pieces!
Then I need to sew them together. 

It is a bit of a challenge in my mind as I work on it.

The challenge for me doing crochet is this ... 
when I am knitting, I can read the pattern and see the path ahead pretty clearly
 and understand the beginning, middle, end
and I know how my stitches are building this whatever.
I can also make adjustments on fly.

But with crochet - especially 3 dimensional animals
 - even with the picture in front of me of the finished item
  - I feel like I am 'flying blind" as I work my way through the stitches.

So I am locked into following the pattern line by line, instruction by instruction ...  
and checking the picture to confirm I am actually making it as shown,
hoping that in the end -
all this effort makes

So with that said ... here is the first clue in two views.



Una said...

A dragon?

Lynne said...


Lynne said...

Yertle The Turtle?

Sam I Am...... said...

A 3 dimensional animal! I said that. I'm thinking a dragon with that tail too just like Una stated.

Marie Smith said...

A dinosaur?

happyone said...

Can't add anything else to the guesses already! Sure curious to know what it is!!

Cynthia said...

I’m hoping it’s Puff the Magic Dragon!

Michelle said...


Sandy said...

A green animal is all I come up with. Funny, I'm sorta the opposite with my knitting and crocheting. I read crocheting so much better and can make adjustments easier to it than knitting. With crochet you can rip out and redo so much easier it seems to me. But, I learned to crochet first...I think back in the day so perhaps that's why?