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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Guessing Game: The Reveal

Here is the finished crochet project that I have been working on for my grand daughter, Eskarina.

Meet JJ., The Fire Dragon, 
but my version is Ms. Dragoness!

The original dragon was in shades of red, orange, yellow, black and white.  
Perfect for a fire dragon.
Ms. Dragoness is more greens, hot pink, purple/burgandy and white.
Sort of a high heal dragon - without the heels!
(But I did include pink nail polish.)
I made one other change.  
The original had nostrils.
  I made them but then opted to omit them.
The face looked friendlier without them.
Ms. Dragoness will have to be a 'mouth-breather.'


This was a project!  
No ... not quite the right emphasis!
This was a PRO - JECT!!!
My hands start to ache just looking at it!  
But, I'll do it again - just not this month!

Here is Ms. Dragoness with a little bow grouped with other birthday presents for Ms. Esk!
Tomorrow Ms. Dragoness goes to her new forever home and her new mistress!
Hoping our little birthday girl is not frightened by this gift made with love in every stitch.

That's all folks.
The end 
(so to speak.)


Orignial Pattern Credit:
Paola Navarro -


Unknown said...

I thought it would be a dinosaur of some kind, but that is a seriously dragoness! Congratulations on a beautiful job,and i think ms Esk will love it.

Unknown said...

Meant to say seriously CUTE

Leigh said...

That is SO cute! I never would have guessed. Well done.

Michelle said...

How could Esk be afraid of that; it's so cute! I wish you had included something for scale; I can't tell how big it is.

Lynne said...

WOW . . .
What a talent you are, I can’t even imagine the time, the figuring out, the creating!
I too thought it might be a dinosaur or a creepy crawly of some sort.
I hope you can get some pictures of her with her “creature!”

Cynthia said...

A dragon was my guess! Sure is a cute one.

Marie Smith said...

Absolutely adorable. Great job!

Sandy said...

Sooooooooo cute, but I can see why it bothered your hands. I know it would mine as well. LOVE the colors you used.

Unknown said...

Love the Dragoness.....she is gorgeous!

A :-) said...

So cute!

happyone said...

Your dragon turned out great. You did a fine job!! Looks hard!