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Monday, July 26, 2010

Any one you walk away from ...

Survived! Survived the weekend!

I know he is only about 12 pounds and I know he has a look that can melt your heart ... and I know that I have 63 years on this earth and he has only 4 months ... but ohhhh, my new grand-puppy, Milo, is a "mover and a shaker".

This weekend I had all 3 of my kids' dogs - Meaty and Grimmy, the two senior statesmen, and Milo, the new kid on the block with Napoleon-like aspirations and the energy of the Energizer Bunny. The only saving grace is that when he goes home, he, too, is exhausted and sleeps for his mom.

Things I learned from this weekend:
  • I can walk 3 dogs at one time - and juggled 2 poop bags and get everyone across the street safely - even when Milo is trying to play "nip Meathead's jowels - we love to eat those drippy drooling bits" game, and the Grimmy who is still hanging back on the curb to smell that piece of poop that some other dog left! We do have the advantage that cars in my neighborhood stop - they didn't try to run us over - in fact, they probably couldn't believe their eyes wondering who that crazy lady was in her PJs, standing in the middle of the street talking to dogs who clearly have other agendas, and why wasn't someone taking care of this bunch.
  • I can make dinner and clean up using only 1 hand - the other hand was occupied most of the weekend - keeping Milo on leash so that our 2 senior boys could get alittle peace. (this is a carryover skill from being a mother - any mothers can do this - no biggy!)
  • I can sleep in one position all night sandwiched between dogs - my right arm doesn't work so well the next morning as it was cradling Milo who is oh so snuggly and cute when he sleeps - and you don't want to disturb sleeping puppies (believe me). But heck, I have two arms - so I can't complain.
Things I learned I can't do from this weekend - at least not yet!
  • I have not cracked the right mix of actions in getting Milo to pee outdoors consistently. For some reason my carpet is a trigger for little accidents. Now the up side is that my living room carpet has never been so clean (steam cleaned, this is) since the day it was installed 25 year ago. Clean is good!
  • I have not learned how to be consistently firm in correcting him - especially without smiling at the same time - he has no idea what I am saying, but he can read the look on my face very well - it says "my grandma is a lollipop". Got to work on that!


  1. Such cute pictures!! I can't wait to meet Milo

  2. Great pictures - that Milo is such a cutie pie! Will he be coming to beach week?

  3. At this point Kris says no. But you never know. He will be older then and she may not be able to leave him for a whole week.


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