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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday ... I finally sat down

I knew today would be tight. I set my alarm for 6:30 am - wanted to get out for my walk before there was no time for it. I walked for an hour. I often see on others blogs beautiful pictures of forested paths, lake shores, parks ... beautiful areas for walks. My walk typically is around my neighborhood. It is a very nice area. But my walk includes a sweep through my local shopping center (the courtyard is pictured on the left). AND it continues through the grocery store - yes, in this hot weather, I very much look forward to my 10 minutes walking up and down the isles of Harris Teeter and at the end, a cool drink of water before leaving the wonderfully cool artificial environment. (In the picture on the right try to imagine a forest path, trees, grass, forest critters - only my path has air conditioning and a water fountain at the end - and if I am really decadent, an icy cold something from the Starbucks in Harris Teeter. :) You serious walkers out there don't know what you are missing!) And that was my last "alone and peaceful moment" for the day.

Upon getting home today, there was mom's breakfast to get ready (and breakfast and a shower for me), Then food shopping with Mike, then take mom to the bank, and then to a free lunch event for seniors with mom at the Amherst House. Then it was 12:45 pm.

After dropping mom at home, I headed into Bethesda MD to pick up Milo. Usually a 45 minute trip, but I made it in 35 minutes (unusual for the Washington area). Milo and I were in the car on our return trip for about 3 minutes when the skys opened up above us and the rain came down in sheets. So the trip took 75 minutes to get back (the Washington Beltway was terrible) - and we then we swung up to Elkridge to pick up Meathead and Grimace. Thankfully the rains had stopped by then. When I walked into Matt's house, Meathead had diarrhea in the house so I cleaned that up. I then loaded his two boys into the car with Milo, and then it REALLY FELL APART. Milo decided to bark his scratchy bark at Meathead - all the way home - about 15 minutes - in his face - over and over. Poor Meaty, he was sitting in the back seat next to Milo's crate - there was no where he could go. He just had to sit there next to Milo who was losing his little mind. And then multiple dog walks and fixing dinner and I am finally sitting down - it is 6:30 pm. Where did this day go?

And now, at 6:30 pm I just checked my pedometer - presently I am at 12,063 steps (7870 steps are from my morning walk). I still have two dogs walks left and I have to take Meaty and Grimmy home after 9:00 pm. I will be glad to climb into my bed tonight (although my bed will be the blow up mattress that I set up in the living room for Milo and me - no matter - it will feel pretty good.)

Hope your Thursday went better.

Total Steps: 13,689 (but if feels like it was 20,000)

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