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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two days in a row ... woo hoo! And a close encounter!

Ok, so maybe 2 days in a row of walking isn't such a big deal, but since I had many many days in a row of NOT walking, I'll take this small victory!

Tuesday's walk included a close up encounter with a deer! I think we were both shocked!!! I was walking down a very quiet side street in my neighborhood, and a full size deer (female, I guess because there was no rack on her head), stepped out from behind 2 big bushes. I stopped and stared at her - and she stopped and stared back. I am sure we were both thinking, "What the hell are you doing here?" Of course my question was more valid because this is an established development. Or maybe her question was more valid because this was her home BEFORE we took over her range. Regardless, it was a staring stand-off! And then ... down the street a car was slowly pulling out of a driveway, and she slowly glanced over her shoulder at the car, and then back at me again as if to say ... "Really? You didn't think you could take me without back up?" and then she turned deliberately and wandered back into the woods. I was soooo sorry I didn't have my camera. My knitting blogging friend carries her camera on all her walks. I may start doing that as well.

Total Steps: 7820

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  1. Those are special moments when walking. I have many of them and why I say my walk is so much more that just exercise!


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