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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goals - OK, I lied.


I said I wouldn't do this. But I will. (So will you ever be able to believe anything I say?)

In 2010 I had goals. I worked out what they would be during the whole month of January. That should have been a big red flag right there - who takes a whole month to work out goals!! Indecision? Maybe. Commitment issues? Possibly. A forecast of my mental state for the year? You betcha!

This year I have a few goals. But I am going to keep it simple. If 2011 is anything like 2010 - no point in getting carried away with big plans.

Goal #1 - Get Focused!

Last year was a "craft ADD year" for me. I couldn't focus on one thing if my crafting life depended on it. After Thanksgiving, there was a great wasteland of nothing-ness. I went from doing a gazillion different things and to doing nothing, na-da, zilch. Gotta do better this year.

Goal #2 - Use 5,000 yards of yarn.
I have an embarrassing amount yarn. Last year I decided to count the yards of yarn in my stash (a diversionary tactic to keep from doing actual knitting, you understand). Based on my totals as of May - if I knitted 5,000 yards of yarn a year, I wouldn't run out of yarn until 92 years of age (gads!). I am 63 - you do the math. I went on an immediate yarn diet, but broke it this month when I rewarded myself., Still, 5,000 yards a year is a reasonable goal.

Goal #3 - Spin.
Now you wouldn't think that a person who has as much yarn as I have would need to make more yarn. You would be wrong. I have a great spinning wheel, several lovely spindles and a bag full of beautiful fiber. My spinning cousin is coming for a weekend visit in a few weeks, and my plan is for her to help me get launched using my wheel.

Goal #4 - Weave on my hand looms.
A new craft this year and two projects underway. Yeah ... this needs more of my attention. I love the look of the finished product.

Goal #5 - Complete 2 knitting projects - and maybe more.
I have 2 projects I am working on presently: a pair of socks I started in January 2009 (yes, 2 years ago ... don't go there), and a sweater I started in June of 2010. There are a few other projects that are in my mental list to begin (a sweater for Kris, another sweater for Milo, a shawl for mom, and a sweater, vest or shawl for me), but I am refusing to start them until these 2 are done.

Well, we will see how long that lasts.

Five goals - few enough to be do-able, nonspecific enough to be achievable, inclusive enough to keep me connected to the stuff I want to do.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Sounds like a really doable list! I am so looking forward to spinning with you! LOL - we can knit and weave too, I just got my portable loom in the mail yesterday. I do love fiber activities of all kinds! I love the weaving project picture you posted - great colors! Keep in mind, weaving uses up yarn much faster than knitting!

  2. Good list, you are concentrating on the activities that fill your soul.


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