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Monday, January 31, 2011

"Great" is a great word!!

Some days are destined to be good ... sometimes great. Today felt like one of those days.

It started out a bit shaky. I was worried about my knee from yesterday's fall. As I rolled over in bed this morning and decided to get up, I braced myself for knee pain. I fretted that this injured knee would set me back on walking, again!!


Almost no pain ... in my knee. But my neck ... now that was another matter. My neck was just fine if my head remained upright, balanced on my shoulders, but when I bent over (like to get out of bed), a muscle in my neck tightened up in a serious way. Darn! I popped 600 mg of Advil with my morning coffee and that controlled the pain in my neck. The knee and the neck wouldn't get in the way of my walking. Great! I can live with that.

Lunch was shared with an old friend from a previous neighborhood. Thirty years ago we lived several doors down from each other. Our children played and walked to school together, and we became friends. We both moved away from that old neighborhood, but over the years our paths crossed several times, and we would catch up on our lives and that of our families. Some friendships seem to stand the test of time. They don't require lots of tending, they allow each person to change and evolve without judgement, and they respect each other's differences as well as being joyful in the similarities. That is what I have with this friend. And that was what I needed on this day. We laughed and enjoyed each other's company as if nothing has changed over the 30+ years. Lots of things have changed, but basically we haven't.

It was really great.

Coming home I was glad to find mom was doing well. She sometimes gets anxious when I have been gone, for no real reason other than I am not in the house. She is a worrier, always has been. It isn't something you can talk her out of after 84 years of worry. But today she seemed good. No negative reactions to my absence.

I was batting a 1000 in the "great day department"!

And to top off this great day, I finished a pair of knitted socks I started in January 2009. I consider that a very good sign. All of last year I dabbled around doing bits and pieces of my hobbies, but I focused on nothing and finished little. It wasn't so great. My hobbies have always been an important element in my happiness. Finishing these socks really felt great.

Really, really great. And they will look just great on my daughter's feet!

Last day of January 2011. The month started out very badly, but I am glad to see it is ending with a bang! A great bang!

Now to get more Advil!


  1. Glad to hear you had such a good day! :-)
    Congratulations on finishing those socks!

  2. YEA for the socks and the great day!

  3. SO glad you're not too injured and that it was a good day! Hope today is even better.


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