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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Tantrum!

While standing in my PJs and robe, and drinking my morning coffee, I look out my kitchen window. My eyes do not believe the view. Is it possible that we have missed yet another snow storm here in Columbia.

I look outside my window again. Nope, no real measurable snow - just frozen stuff.

Its no secret I love big storms. Big snow storms. Big, big snow storms. And here we are in the middle January and we have only spit ... "frozen spit".

I am done with this!!

I put my coffee firmly down on the counter. I march purposefully across my kitchen floor. I open the slider door. Carefully I step across my frozen deck. I look up and raise my angry fist at the sky, saying all the four letter words that I know, ("snow" being one of them, of course) and then in a very loud ugly voice I scream:

"Frozen spit!
I am insulted!
Is that the best you have?
Can't give us a real storm!!
Totally pathetic.
D- in my book."

And then my neighbor opens his window and peeks out.

I freeze. Our eyes lock. My fist lowers slowly and becomes a wave. His eyes shift left and right, looking. My other hand pulls my robe closed. He closes his window.

I turn and step back to the house, but before I close the door, I raise my defiant fist once again to the cold gray sky.

Well, really, it was just one finger this time. I will let you pick which one. :-)


  1. Haha, great post! Thanks for the laugh. :) I completely understand, I felt the same way... though a few hours later in the morning.

  2. hahaha, i do not share your feelings on lack of snow, but i sure got a huge laugh out of your snow encouragement methods! thanks for brightening my dreary/icey/spittey day :-)


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