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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Joy of Winter


I am a huge fan of winter and all of its faces ... including the white bearded winter face of snow. Tonight our first snow of the season has arrived - a measly 3-4 inches is predicted. But it counts - it is not a dusting - like previous snows.

I love the snowy view from my front step. I live on a terraced hill, up from the street. The shadows of the trees, the brightness of the street light, the quiet of the snow covered road that curves into my development, always fills me with a peaceful feeling.

My peaceful feeling this night was not shared by my unexpected house guests. Tonight Meathead and Grimace are having a sleep-over with grandma. And since neither one of them can use the toilet, we went for a walk.

Tell me.

Does this look like a "peaceful" face?

And here's a trick question.

Are they dragging me into or out of my house on this beautiful evening?

Their only goal was this!!

"Grandma, we saved the middle spot for you. Put the camera down and come to bed."

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  1. Ahhh, you have the boys tonight?!?! Give them kisses from me!!!


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