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Sunday, January 9, 2011

More steps towards normalcy


Not sure what that is anymore. So many events, people, activities ... got pushed out of December and moved into January. As a result, January is turning out to be exceedingly busy.

But we did some normal things this weekend.

Last night we celebrated "Christmas Eve" - well, I guess it was more like New Year's Eve. Our December 24th guests, our son and his girl friend and her parents, came to dinner last night. We weren't sure how many people were coming. I had initially planned for 12 possibles, but the numbers slipped and in the end we had 6. The further you move away from the holidays, the harder it is to get everyone together. Schedules are so busy.

Although I don't care for daily cooking, I do like preparing a big meal for a group. And it is always fun to open the table up and set it. In reality my fully extended table doesn't actually fit in the room. We need to angle it from one corner to the other to make it fit. But with only 6 people it felt a little like we were sitting at a large formal table where everyone sits several feet away from each other. :-) We don't have "formal" anything for the table, so it was hardly fancy. Regardless, it was great to have a smaller informal gathering with such lovely people.

The next normal thing happened this morning. Mom awoke a bit shaky - not feeling all that well (and lately that has been our "normal"). She did not feel well enough last night to come to with our guests ... which was a shame - she needs more social opportunities. But this morning she got dressed and came down for breakfast and then announced she was well enough for church. So we went. And it did her good to get out of the house and attend Mass. It was an effort for her to be sure, but when she got seated in the church, she looked so much better with the smile on her face. And it was heart-warming to see people she knew greeting her and welcoming her back. Her name was still in the Church Bulletin with others who needed prayers.

So the weekend had some normal things in it - more normal than anything we have done in awhile. And it is beginning to feel a little more like my normal life.

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  1. So glad to hear you all had a good weekend. Give Aunt Elaine a hug for me - hugs to you too!


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