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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring - its out there!

We are still surrounded by the colors of winter - the browns and the grays (thankfully no white right now). But during my recent walks I have seen mini signs of spring. Some areas of grass are really greening up. And the green tips of spring flowers are pushing up through the ugly ground.

It sort of becomes a game to see if you can find the changes.

Can you see it?

Look again. Now do you see it?

No, it is not the piece of trash - although that is also a sign that people are out and about more now that the weather is warming up. But a sign of spring? Not so much.

A small lonely flower, but beautiful sign of spring.

It is coming. I can feel it.


  1. LOL I am taking your word for it - here in NE PA the ground is still covered with white and ice storm predicted for tonight!

  2. SE Ohio is having its common sign of approaching Spring: flooding. The Ohio River is predicted to crest six feet above flood stage ten miles from where I live.
    Also: maples have begun to bloom
    A sure sign: my annual allergy is here

    I've seen no flowers yet, other than a dandelion. But I'm hopeful.


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