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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double It Up!!

Double knitting, that is.

Non-knitters, do not click your mouse to move on just yet. You can stand to stick around long enough to see my pictures. I promise I'll keep it short!


Today our knitting group participated in mini-workshop on Double Knitting. Interested in learning this new technique for some time, it amazes me that I am only now just learning it.

This an interesting knitting technique. As knitters know, most stitches have a front side and a back side. In Double Knitting, you are knitting the front and the back side at the same time and both sides look like they are the front! And as noted in the picture, the pattern is reflected on the back side in reverse colors.

We were making potholders, and I chose the simple checker board pattern to start out. But this technique produces a double thick fabric so it is ideal for items like hats where warmth is important.

The technique takes alittle longer but it definitely holds your attention and it produces a very appealing product.

Short and sweet.
And even the non-knitters survived the experience.

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  1. Seems a bit too complicated for me. Maybe next year.


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