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Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 Dog - 2 Cat Weekend - Day 2

So the weekend starts with a nice calm walk with Grandma - Meaty and Grimace, enjoying their senior stroll to check all the various pee spots in the neighborhood since their last visit.

Then there is the meeting between Meaty and Milo. It starts out as play, and evolves to overheated fatigue for Meaty and frustration that Meaty has pooped out for Milo. Meathead is an old guys and Milo is a young teen, so it is an admirable effort on his part to humor Milo.

Night time typically looks like this - blow up mattresses across the living room floor for my daughter and I with each dog settling where they are most comfortable. Getting settled for sleep takes time due to shuffling of sleeping positions. In the early morning (3:00 am seems like a good time) Meaty decides he needs to step outside for a short visit to empty his bladder. It becomes a group visit with all 5 of us going outside. As we stand in the quiet of the neighborhood when most normal people and animals (wild and domestic) are tucked into dream-land and the street sounds have totally disappeared, we wait for 3 pooches to do their business.

Day time typically looks like this - napping all around! After all, we need to rest up for the nights!!

And there are the walks to the "necessary".

And occasional visits with the neighbors.

Milo (right) with Cleo, one of the neighbors

"Wow, girl, what happened to your legs?"

Meathead making a point.

"I don't know about you, grandma, but I am done here!"


  1. Always a chuckle and an "awww" when I find a post about the gang.

  2. Things seem to be back to normal. : )

  3. Yes, getting my dog weekends and visits back have been part of returning to normal. It felt very, very good. I am bone tired, but glad to have had this time with them.


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