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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mom and her shawl (Hazel Rose Looms)

The pictures of my mom and her shawl turned out so well, that I had to share. The shawl was made from a hand loom by Hazel Rose. It is a 12" loom. I have several others and they are beautifully made, fun to work with, and make a beautiful fabric. Be sure to check out their web site.

Mom is especially pleased with her shawl. She watched me make it and frequently commented on how pretty the fabric was that I was creating. She never asked who it was for. I think you will agree that the colors are perfect for her. She also looks happy - happy to be home and getting better.

The sweater underneath the shawl I knitted for her several years ago. Turns out it is a pretty good match for the shawl.


  1. Beautiful lady, beautiful shawl! That happy face is priceless. Your pictures have me thinking loom again!

  2. Oh that is lovely and so is she. Say hi for me.

  3. Elaine - that is a beautiful shawl and she looks great in it! Hugs to you both!

  4. Beautiful pics! The shawl is simply gorgeous well done! Your Mom is looking good. Be sure to give her a kiss from me :)

  5. Elaine - that is the most beautiful and precious gift that you made for your Mom! She looks beautiful wearing it (and she has the sweetest little face!) I love her pretty smile!



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