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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Growth Moment ...

You will be witness to a
HUGE personal growth moment
in this posting!!

I mean really really BIG!!

You see, May 2, after the dust began to settle on my mother's hospitalization and rehab, I discovered I had 682 backlog postings to catch up on.

I was aghast!

But I firmly believed that I could catch up on my reading over a few days. I know a few of you posted "words of blogging wisdom" advising me to just start with the current day and go forward, skipping the older blog postings.

Of course, being a type A personality, I felt differently, had committed to visiting at my blog friends' sites and seeing what I had missed. Using Google I ordered by backlog to show the oldest posting first so I could work forward in order as I caught up.

(You may roll your eyes now!)

Over the last week ... between medications, weight checks, blood pressure and oxygen checks, exercise sessions, visiting nurses, physical and occupational therapies ... and between vacuuming 'cause with that many people in the house, I wanted them to know I was a good housekeeper (go figure!) ... between all that stuff, I probably visited about 100 postings. Yes, most were quick visits, a few rare comments left, some were skipped if the topic didn't appeal, but I touched down about 100 times.

And then today I decided to check and see how many were still outstanding. Maybe 500-ish, or if I was real lucky 400 something. Not even close!


And so, with great flourish and renewed blog wisdom, I am going to stop counting the back log and reorder my blog list to show the current postings first. I will do my best to ignore the old stuff.

You will notice that there is no promise to ignore the old stuff, just that I will do my best.



  1. OO The busy life just doesnt let us do what we really want to do.. We have to try really hard to get to all of our followers, it is a treasure of posts, but takes the whole day to catch up...we know your pain !
    Luckily it has been raining here and we have had a little bit of extra time on our hands...
    see you soon !

  2. The last thing any of us wants is for you to stress yourself out trying to catch up on our "words of wisdom". Find some time to rest and rejuvenate.

  3. That is just too many blog posts to read. I think it's best to just forget about them and start fresh.
    Glad things have settled down a bit for you now.
    Enjoy your day. Do something fun just for yourself.

  4. Hey you,....I thought you weren't going to try to catch up on old posts and then I find you waaaaay back in mine...seriously girl....let it go.

  5. Too funny! Yes I am still flipping through a bunch. But reading only a few I really enjoy. You caught me.

    I am flipping faster now!!


  6. I so know how you feel. I have been gone a week, and I am starting to play catch up this afternoon now that I finally got my internet connected in the new house. Luckily I currently have only 346 posts to read. I plan on sitting down with a coffee after the kids go to bed and indulge myself in what I have missed this past week.
    I hope your new plan works for you!


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