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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Catching Up, "dumbing down!"

Life is starting to settle into a routine once again. (You know, I really envy folks whose lives fall into a routine - and stay there! Maybe that will be me someday!)

But mostly I feel like I am catching up and dumbing down!
  • My house is mostly clean. I would say that if the cats stopped shedding hair and we didn't use the toilets, it would stay that way. Some spaces are not up to snuff - but that is what doors are for - right?
  • My Christmas newsletters are done, stuffed in envelopes, addressed, stamped and in the mail box. WooHoo!! What is amazing is that I reached this stage before Christmas.
  • My Christmas shopping is complete. Yeah! And Double Yeah for the Internet. Man, I so hate shopping malls this time of year. Still need to wrap stuff, but I am not struggling to buy "just one more thing." No stockings this year either.
  • The Christmas tree is decorated. And mom's assisted living room is decorated too. And after Christmas, I am seriously going to discard any decorations that haven't been out of their boxes for years. Why am I keeping all that stuff? And I am seriously thinking of a smaller tree for next year.
  • Christmas cookies? I used to make several types, but it has come down to just chocolate chip cookies now - my husband's favorite. Last year I made liver cookies for my grand-dogs. I had them sitting out on the counter to cool down and I moved on to other things. My husband drifted through the kitchen and then found me in the living room. His comment? "Those aren't chocolate chips cookies are they," he asked while still chewing. :-) Liver cookies are pretty unremarkable cookies ... unless you are a dog! So chocolate chips will be made before Christmas eve. I'll skip the rest. Don't need the calories and can't resist eating them if they are made. I'll struggle enough with the chocolate chips in the house. And the grand-dogs? They aren't all that particular. They eat tomatoes for treats and are happy!

Really ... there is nothing wrong with dumbing down or simplifying!
Life is complex enough without adding additional layers to it.


  1. Making things a tad more simple...sounds good to me.

  2. Last weekend I made cut-out sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate chip ones are almost gone. I think that they are everyone's favorite!

  3. Good Lord girl....I just woke up to a dozen comment notices in email and they were all from you...I admire your determination to get through the!!!!

  4. Sounds like you have everything under control and can now enjoy the holiday.

  5. Milo ♥'s u! Hope you added him to the Newsletter ;)

  6. I love your thinking and totally agree! I had already decided to do less cookie baking and next year won't go so overboard on the gift buying. Our kids are adults and we don't need to be Santa anymore. They understand. I just have trouble with it!

  7. liver cookies! lol. one batch of cookies? that's it?? i don't think i could limit myself to just one kind. Christmas cookie baking is usually when my sister and I try out recipes we've never done before. It's always something different.


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