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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter is my season

Christmas Newsletters have been sent, gifts are purchased and wrapped (finally), tree is decorated. Food shopping is done, a visit to the liquor store also completed (got wine and some Bailey's - a special treat for Christmas Eve).

We have barely 2 days left. Left on my Christmas To-Do list? Put away the groceries I bought (*sigh*), bake chocolate cookies, take mom for a Christmas Eve lunch at a restaurant, Christmas Eve dinner to make and Christmas Day morning Mass with mom. Then I am done!

Well, ... at least for the weekend.

We have a Christmas party in early January with friends and family at my house which is part of our holiday celebration.

After that party, the Christmas tree and holiday decorations get packed away and we settle into "Glorious January." Have I mentioned recently that I am a winter lover? Well, I am.

I love everything about winter.
  • I love the cold weather when you can snuggle down in your home or head outside bundled up in your long winter coat (mine is from L.L. Bean - I will feature my wonderful new winter coat in a future post) that covers you from the top of your head down to your ankles.
  • I love the threat and the reality of snow storms - everything looks so clean and simple covered in snow. I don't even mind shoveling snow. All the neighbors are out - it is a great community building opportunity.
  • I love being home bound when the roads aren't passable. Yes, I have a wonderful new Subaru that can easily handle the snow and I am a great snow driver ... but I choose to be snow bound!!! Don't challenge the logic of this thinking! :-)
  • I love wearing my hand knit wool items to keep warm. I especially love knitting them in my home while the winds are blowing strongly outside.
  • I love feeding the birds who have chosen to stay close to my home because I feed them in the cold weather. I feel a responsibility to those little lives.
  • I love the long shadows of bare trees caused by the lower level sun in the sky and the long cold winter nights sleeping under thick quilt. The darkness reminds me that I am on a massive planet with ebbs and flows of light and dark.
  • I love the comfort foods of winter: chili, stew, mac and cheese. I know, where are the fresh veggies of summer? Ok, you can't have everything.
Yes, I am eager to get past the pressures of the holiday season with its unending to-do lists and settle into the predictable, quiet, and cosy winter months.

I am a child of winter.

Winter is my season.


  1. You almost make it sound good (almost) and since I am a summer and fall lover I will give you my share of winter to enjoy. Free. No charge. Come and get it. Please!!!!

  2. I will share winter with you. In fact I love living in an area where we have all four seasons. I love the spring and summer and look forward to the fall and really just put up with winter. Blessings

  3. I feel much the same - love winter! The picture of winter I carry in my head when I am a sweaty mess in the hot summer is the snow, blowing around outside all my windows so I feel like I am living in a snow glob, the fireplace crackling, and me cozy next to it spinning/knitting or weaving away.

  4. Ahh, that glob was meant to be a globe!

  5. LOL

    Linda, I never caught the lost e - but it did give me a great big belly laugh when I read your second message.

  6. You are the one and only winter lover I have ever met. How fascinating! You need to move farther north!

  7. i love winter too..for the comfort food, for a good excuse for hand knits, for staying indoors, and for snuggling up under the covers. :)

  8. It is nice to meet an "I love winter . . ." person! I love it too, the smell of a fresh crisp day, feeding and watching the birds, shoveling snow, dressing warmly for a long walk and much more like time for knitting, reading, cooking.

    Nice to meet you . . . Happy New Year . . .


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