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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A for dear Annie

Hello and Welcome.

You might be new here. So am I.
My name is Annie and I am a young African Violet.
I have the most striking beautiful flowers.
Really ... take a closer look.
I am a pretty face for sure!
Don't you think?

I am very new to this home. And it is a strange home, indeed, for a little plant like me. First of all there are no other plants to share my space with. Very lonely.

I discovered as well that the light in this home is very poor for plants. I do have, however, my very own light. How many plants have their own personal light!!!

And then there is the real reason why I am so alone. The other non-human beings in this home ... the resident cats ... like to eat plants!

This could come to a very bad end for me!

Oh well - those felines have not yet discovered me and I am loved right now. Keeping my fingers (uhh ... leaves) crossed that I continue to "bloom where I am planted."


  1. Very awesome! I love it! Made me laugh! And a pleasure to meet you, Annie!

    A to Z Co-host

  2. Annie is beautiful - I love African Violets. I hope she lives a happy and carefree life with you...and the cats.

    Cheers, Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  3. Love your A for Annie the African Violet - gosh they are difficult to grow - well I think so .. my mother was great at it ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Wonderful post. was this for the A to Z Challenge if so a great start.


  5. Good luck Annie....hopefully those fuzzy leaves won't be a temptation for the cats....ask your human to sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on your leaves and soil...worked at our house.

  6. Poor Annie! I do hope she doesn't get ravaged by the resident felines

    We need to find her a plant-superhero to protect her.....'calling 'Botanic-man'!!!

  7. Great A-Z entry! Hello, Annie. Consider yourself in the spotlight and impossible to miss!

  8. African violets are so forgiving. I'm sure they are appreciative of any home. I've never had this one.

  9. Interesting A

    Here is mine

  10. Greetings Annie and good luck with those plant eating cats.

  11. Wow, red pepper on the leaves! Never thought of that. Great idea. I'll give it a try!!

  12. That was great! Best wishes Annie!

  13. Well, your African Violet may be lonely but at least she blooms! I have one that just sits there making lots and lots of pretty leaves but never blooms. What am I doing wrong?

  14. Ah poor Annie. My grandmother kept African violets in her guest bathroom - loads and loads of them. She rarely had guests. Thanks for letting me think of her.


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