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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did you hear? BIG NEWS

I heard on TV that this year they are going to name big Winter Storms ... you know, like they name the Hurricanes.

Let's name this one Chill'en Cherilyn!

Wow, what an idea!

At first I thought ... oh no!  Naming weather snow storms.  Whose stupid idea was that?

And then I thought, gosh, some winter storms deserve the respect of a name.  Will this year be THE year of the BIG SNOW STORMS?  Could the fact that big winter storms are predicted for 2012-2013 and they will be soooo big that they need names?  (Freez'en Frida, Burr Bertha, Icy Iris, Arctic Agatha ...)

Isn't that exciting?

As a Winter Lover ... I am so excited.

Read more here on this story.

I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!


  1. A snowflake by any other name......

  2. I hope we aren't disappointed this year and get blasted, dumped, thrilled with a BRUTUS of a storm . . .

  3. Love a good winter storm when I am inside with a fire feeling like I live in a snow globe!

  4. I love your list of names for winter storms! Although I'm a native Southern Californian now living in central Arizona, I did spend five years in college and grad school near Chicago -- where I got a healthy respect for and appreciation of the power and beauty of winter storms!

  5. Hello!!! I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello to me and introduce yourself. I always like having new visitors stop by Hootin' Anni's!!!! Well, someone has to like winter storms [glad it's you and not anyone near me - I live in South Texas where there is no snow...had too much of snow, AND storms when I grew up and raised my family in the mountains of Colorado where the snow stayed on the ground from Sept...thru April of the following year].

    Loved your sense of humor here on the naming. I bet this will excite you even more. Here's one you can send in to the weather channel for suggestion: gotta have equal rights here and use the OTHER gender == FRIGID FREDDIE or maybe COLD HEARTED CHARLIE? just sayin'


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