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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy who ??

Yeap!  My house is right in the path of this storm.

I have been working on my post from last weekend's trip to Rhinebeck and the thought occurred to me.  EVERYONE, and I mean just EVERYONE is stoked about Sandy. Maybe I should write something about that.

Wouldn't it be a total hoot if Sandy did the "female thing" and changed her mind about where to set down on land?  Wouldn't everyone get a chuckle if she turned a hard right and headed right back to the African coast?

Ok, so that probably won't happen.  But I have taken steps to ensure that electrical power stays on during the storm.

  • Been making ice since Wednesday for the ice chest and for any empty spaces in my two freezers.  I ain't loosen any frozen food this time.  No sir!
  • Been making various foods that can be eaten at room temperature.  We will not go hungry. In fact, we will probably gain weight. :-(
  • Will make coffee in advance 'cause I am not facing even one frick'en morning without caffeine for some broad named Sandy.
  • Filled the car with gas - cause if I WANT to take a leisurely drive around town to see all the beauty of fall - I damn well will do it - cause I will have gas! (Traffic should be down, too.)
  • Pulled in the lawn chair and the bird feeder - cause I am not going to spend money on new ones because of Sandy blowing into town.
I am prepped.  We will not loose power now because of all my preparations.  You can thank me after it is over.

In fact, I have made (and bought) so much ice, I would guess that the entire eastern seaboard is safe now from power outages.  The big story on the news in a few days will be how the lights stayed on.  They will wonder why.  But I will smugly point to my freezers that are filled to the brim with ice!  I will know.  

Oh ... and I have red wine.  Best at room temperature, you know.

Cheers everyone.

Stay dry.


  1. You've probably driven it our way with all your preparations lol. That reminds me, I must dig out the air pot and be prepared to fill it with coffee.

  2. Haha! I can rest easy now! Actually the "main hit" is now supposed to be about 45 minutes from where I live. We haven't done much more than taken in objects that could become missiles when the winds kick up. I hoping it doesn't come to it, but if the power goes out...I'm heading west to the first hotel that has it's lights on. If nothing at all happens, I'll thank you for super-prepping it into a different path! :-)

  3. Well stay safe. Ya know ... just in case!


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