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Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Duds!

Hi all. Milo here!

Gosh, it has been a long time since I made a guest appearance on my Grandma's blog.  Time to correct that error in judgement on her part!  Of course, she types faster than I do so I will be brief.

Every Thursday I go to my Grandma's house.  Today I arrived to find - a new coat!!

So just sit back and take in the glory of me and my new duds!

So here I am showing off the colorful pattern and the details of my new coat.
I especially like the generous strap that allows for expansion of girth
should that ever happen to me!

Again, this is me ... showing off a bit of my wonderful physique!
My hair is so sparse and short with no fat that I get cold - hence the jacket.

From the top - really quite perfect for the cold weather.
It goes all the way to my tail and hangs wonderfully down both sides
protecting from the cold my ... ah .... well, you know what is there.
Now all my Grandma needs to do is find something for my delicate ears!

From what I hear of my Grandma's thoughts, she now must find something special for her other two granddogs - Meathead and Grimace.  She tries to keep things even in the "giving" department.  But coats for them would be almost cruel because they run to hot, hot, hot ... all the time hot.

Note from Retired Knitter:
A little background on the coat:  Good Shepherd Dog Coats is the company that makes these coats for dogs.

"Made in the same manner as our durable and warm lamb coats, which are relied upon by shepherds to keep their newborn lambs thriving and comfortable in winter, Good Shepherd Dog Coats will keep your dog equally warm and cozy in cold weather."

I found this vendor at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  Because French Bulldogs do not run to standard sizes, I had to have this coat made specifically to Milo's measurements - which they are happy to do.

If you are interested in this vendor, they can be found at  Apparently they do make coats for lambs as well (

 I have not been paid to post this message - 
just sharing a wonderful dog coat option
 with those who might be interested.


  1. Now Grandma needs to knit you some ear warmers that tie under your chin and some little booties with leather soles....just so she doesn't get bored you know.

  2. I love your coat, Milo. Why aren't you smiling? I certainly would be with a new winter coat. I'm sure you'll get lots of good use out of it. Hope you thanked Grandma for it, she's always looking out for you!

  3. So handsome Milo! Great fit too!

  4. Now THAT's a snazzy lookin' pup!!

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


  5. Milo is quite the model and looks great in his new duds!! : )

  6. Very fashionable! The fit is perfect! Enjoy the cold weather!

  7. Hey Milo!
    Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! I'm liking your fashion statement! Those duds are good dude!
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny :)


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