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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Walk the Talk - Steps Update

Time to take accounting of what I did and didn't do in my walking program.

 The history looks like this ...

May                           11,133 Average Steps (Partial Month - no real goals)
June                          10,306 Average Steps (Goal 10,000)
July                             9,849 Average Steps (Goal 10,500) - failed to reach goal
August                      10,782 Average Steps (Goal 10,500)

September looks like this ...
September                11,212 Average Steps (Goal 10,750)

But it wasn't as pretty as it looks here.  Several days I fell below 5,000 steps.  Of course, other days I was thousands of steps above my goal average.  This is why I like to look at averages over a month's time.  

I made my step goal average for September.  Time to bump the goal up to 11,000 steps average per day for October.   Looks like that goal will be do-able.

Bumping my step goal each month has been a good way to keep focused and increase my activity.  I haven't decided what the final goal will settle out to be - obviously there is a normal ceiling for most people - what you physically want out of your exercise and how much time you can devote to the pursuit of a number.

I am not training for anything.  I am just trying to find a good fitness and energy level.  

So I am still undecided what makes sense for me!  But I am pleased with my progress.


  1. Very good progress and it looks like you have found a good fit for some regular exercise. I have been sporadic of late. I like it best when I can be consistent each day. It seems I allow other things to become priority for one reason or another.

    Keep up your good work, it motivates me to see your results!

  2. Good for you. I miss walking.

  3. Your making very good progress. : ) Before long you'll be passing me up!!

  4. Good for you! I just started walking again. Hoping to keep at it.

  5. This seems very much like steps in the right direction :)
    Pawsitive wishes to you, Penny the Jack Russell

  6. Fantastic!
    How many steps in a mile?


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