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Monday, October 29, 2012


Today makes me want to sit by a window and just watch the rain pour out of the sky.  Thankfully the rain is still only pouring straight down ... not side ways with great winds like expected this afternoon and evening.  It is funny how weather can make you feel energized or sedentary.  It is a sedentary day for me right now.

But 8 days ago, the weather was perfect and I was walking around the NY fair grounds at Rhinebeck.  The Sheep and Wool festival was in full swing.

It began with a bus ride.

And not just any bus ride, but one where almost everyone was doing this ... so nice to be surrounded by my "peoples."

Of course, you know me now pretty well.  I had to do something a little different.

Yes, that is me in the bus bathroom.
 I did legitimately need to use it,
 but I also legitimately needed to take a picture.
Thank God that small area had hand rails all around!
I think the bus driver must get his kicks by increasing the
challenge level of using the pot successfully.

The fair grounds were spectacular.  No inadequate words from me are needed.

And then, of course, the best of the best - a picture of me with my cousin.

The bus trip was arranged by my cousin's yarn shop - Gosh Yarn It.  Cute and catchy title for a yarn shop I think.  They also have these very cute bags that I have been coveting for some time.  (I know coveting is a sin, but it isn't like I am coveting something sinful, like some one's husband.  Mine is a small covet.)  Here is a close of up the bag.

The day ended with a return trip over the Hudson River.  Beautiful place to have your gy-normous summer mansion if that is your style.

But here we are now 8 days later with this ...

Actually rain is just fine with me.  I love rainy days (even Sandy-Rainy-Windy days) as much as I love sunny ones.

Did I buy anything at the fair?  Gosh, yes.  Need you ask?  No yarn, though.  Hard to believe right?  Do you need a reminder picture of my yarn closet?

Pictures on that to follow at some point.


  1. It was a lovely day. Keep warm and dry now.

  2. You make this non-crafting, non-knitter want to pick up some needles and wool and try it again. mmmm...maybe when I retire!

  3. Looks like a great day of fun.
    Stay warm and dry. I'm going to do some reading on this rainy afternoon.

  4. It was a a great day and a wonderful weekend!

  5. man,that sheep is cool! Love the name of the yarn shop. Very clever. :-) Glad you were not too affected by Sandy.


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