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Sunday, January 27, 2019

In Love Again

Before Christmas I fell in love again.

It wasn't with a being - human or animal.

It was with a thing!


Once was with a vehicle I named Maxie!  She was a beautiful, fast and comfortable car - a Maxima.  I saw her as the fancy lady with pearls and lipstick and running shoes.  She and I had been through some eventful parts of my life.  She served me well.  Tears came to my eyes when I found out she had an oil leak that would cost more to fix than her total worth at age 11 years.  She had body and internal wear and tear - not particularly the beauty she started out as.  But after 11 years of road experiences with her behind her steering wheel - it broke my heart to trade her in. I was forced to buy a new car.  Am I attached to that new car?  Not at all!  It is just transportation.  End of story.  I wasn't making that mistake again!

And then there was a beautiful mature Japanese Maple in my townhouse front yard -  the showiest tree in my neighborhood - admired by all .... until we had a broken water pipe in our basement.  The fix involved digging up my entire front yard - landscaping and all- to lay new pipe. On the day they needed to remove that beautiful tree, they cut it in pieces and then pulled out the trunk with some large equipment.  It was brutal.  I had to shut my blinds while it was going on.  It hurt my heart to watch the tree's destruction. When we planted the new landscaping did I fall in love with any of the new plants?  Nope!  Stupidity shouldn't be repeated.

The biggest love loss of all was my townhouse of 30 years.  That was 2 years ago and regular readers know how hard that was for me to part ways with that home.  So much love, and sorrow and happiness and joy were imprinted by our family into its very foundation.  When we moved into this condo, did I fall in love with this abode? Dear God - No!  That way lies madness!

I learned my lesson!
  No more loving objects!
It is stupid!
It is insane!  

Then my new Laz Boy recliner rocker was delivered.

My husband and I had talked about getting recliners for a long time.  Our 50 years of marriage was filled with furniture that had minimal fabric.  Cats, you know.  They love fabric for their claws and we loved cats.  So the choice was easy.  Get sturdy, wood type furniture - and keep the cats.  Comfort was never a consideration.

Now we both have these ever so comfortable chairs - all padding and fabric.  Very very comfortable.  So far our cat Wally has shown no interest.

I can hardly believe that at age 71 - I have finally gotten real grown up furniture!

Here she is!!

Resisting the temptation to give her a name.  But I am open to suggestions!  😂

Please ignore the clutter that is to her left! It is all my knitting stuff.
She is electric - buttons on the side - and she has a port for charging electronics!
Woo Hoo!!!

She just reclines - no heat, no vibration and she doesn't lift you to a standing position!  Just reclines.  She is electric so all I have to do is push a button and she lifts my feet up and tilts me back into the most comfortable of positions.  She supports my back perfectly when it aches from standing in the kitchen too much (You will never find me falling in love with anything 'kitchen.')  She also has a USB port so I can charge my electronics.  I know she like me - because I always feel hugged when I sit in her.

My husband got the same chair in a darker color. (left)
Sorry these pictures are so dark.

And, yes, she is a 'she!'  I checked. 
A 'he' wouldn't make me feel this comfortable.

So I have gone and done it again.  

Jumped into the deep end of insanity.
At least it will be a comfortable landing.

Legs propped up looking at my Christmas Tree in December.
Also you can see the kind of furniture we usually got - mostly wood.

Isn't it ironic that I should follow up a post on exercise
with a post about my new LazyBoy recliner chair?

Did anyone notice that?  


Unknown said...

Entirely appropriate Dear Elaine....Love those recliners you got!!

Marie Smith said...

Lol. Great post. Enjoy every minute!

Leftycrafter said...

You and "Rosie" deserve each other. She needed a loving home to rest in and you needed a loving chair to rest in. Win Win! My chair is electric too. Love it. Mine does not have the USB port, lucky you there! Hopefully, Wally will continue to ignore the lovely fabric you have introduced into your home.

Helen Mathey-Horn said...

I say "Daisy" as in lazy daisy. And of course she is a she!

Michelle said...

Hey, you need a place to recover after a hard workout! ;-)

Lynne said...

Great post . . .
You had me at MAXIMA
My best car treasure ever!
Now, if only I can get my comments to work again.

Lynne said...

WOW, I can’t believe it!
One more try!

happyone said...

Well I guess after all that exercise you deserve a nice rest in your lovely new recliner.
I sure did love my Vette which I had for 16 years and she was still running great. Just not a practical for here. Glad we sold it but I sure do miss
it on nice sunny days.