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Friday, February 8, 2019

Like a Brick

Even included some snotty tissues for the picture.
That is what my head feels like!  A brick.

Approach this post with a face mask and Lysol Wipes!

This has been the year - or season - of 'The Cold' for me.
A ridiculous year, truly.
Although getting a cold is not something I normally think is blog worthy ...
I must be on my 5th or 6th cold since September.

I should buy stock in all cold related products!

This cold so far - has stuck to my sinuses only.  At least so far.
Some times my head is so stopped up no air passes through my nostrils, but my nose
drips all the same.  What the heck is THAT!

I have had all versions - sinuses and chest congestion, sinuses and ear congestion, sinuses only.
 I think that is the scope of most cold viruses.
And for some reason they last for weeks.

My hope is that I will have exhausted all the possible cold viruses by spring.
My immune system will be super hero strong.

No flu yet this season - but I got a shot for that - so fingers crossed.

I got the Shingles Shots as well this season - there are two.
The first made me feel icky for about 12 hours ...
but not as icky as when I had Shingles!
That was beyond icky and it last for over 2 weeks.

So how are YOU feeling??



Leigh said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you are sick. No complaints in our neck of the woods. Thankful to be well.

Michelle said...

I've had one cold and Brian later caught a different one; Rick 'just' has heart issues. :-/

Retired Knitter said...

So Michelle, dear Blog Friend - before I read your comment I was feeling still very sick and sorry for myself - you know, day 4 of not being able to breath thru my nose (it is now just a decoration - red like Rudolph), and sometimes so stuffed up I couldn't swallow properly (who knew you needed an air exchange to swallow!!). Ha.

Nothing has changed except reading your comment - I feel worlds better. Rick wins the health related issues contest! Hahaha.

You should hang up a shingle next to your husbands - Improvement Without Drugs Promised!!

Hope your (and your husband's day) continues to be healthy!!

Marie Smith said...

I usually get the colds etc from the grandkids. So far so good this year. Feel better!

happyone said...

So sorry to hear your not feeling well.
Both Ken and I are fine so far.
I wash my hands almost obsessively and try not to touch my face when I'm out.

Lynne said...

A COLD . . . just plain miserable . . .
One of those “avoid at all cost” experiences.
Now why is there no cure for the common cold . ..
“THEY” have had YEARS to figure it out and it’s still hanging around.
We would all support “Cold Removal” plans.
If only . . . I would be first in line!

Sad for you . . . wish I could take it away . . .
Don’t want it though and really don’t want to give it to anyone else!
So . . . please take my SAD FOR YOU!

Retired Knitter said...

Marie - yes, the grand daughter gave me ALL my colds this year - except the one I have now. My husband calls Esk, our lovely little petre dish child. When she is due to come my husband usually says - I wonder what virus she is growing today!! Ha. But does that stop us! Not one minute. I can't wait to see her again no matter what little bug she has (that she gets from day care.)

Karen - I can't help wondering if your hand washing method would work if you have a small child in your life. I hear from day-care staff that the first year they worked there they were always sick - and they keep a very clean establishment and lots of hand washing between handling the children. They even do the hand washing of the babies - so cute to watch. By the time a year has passed, their immune systems are a lot tougher - and I understand that the kids' immune systems are pretty resilient when they reach grade school. Hoping for some of that to come my way after this year.

Lynn - a cure for the common cold??? The drug companies would NEVER allow that!! Ha.

Sandy said...

That's a lot of colds, have you had blood work done lately? I'm wondering if your immune system is compromised? Sounds like you have no resistance, and maybe there's a reason for it? I too got the flu shot, got the shingle shot last year; but now it's different.

Retired Knitter said...

Hi Sandy, I think my immune system is getting a much needed boost from my grand baby who goes to day care where every virus going around in a season is exchanged by children and staff alike and then circulated to families and extended families! Ha. It is true that our exposure over recent years has been less than normal - not working and having limited exposure to stuff. We are doing catch up now. There is so much illness around us - I really just think it is a bad year in our area.