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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Shocking - I am making potholders

You know ... I gave up a few things since the beginning of the New Year.  And when that happened I found time I forgot I had.  So I looked around and realized - hey - you bought this larger than normal pot holder loom last year, and you bought these expensive all wool pot holder loops to make 3 pot holders.  

So here is the pictorial story of the hand made pot holders, that finally got made and I am so glad.

This loom is larger than the standard pot holder loom.  And I love the size of the pot holders it makes.

Here is the first potholder that I made in colors that match my kitchen.

Years ago I bought a pot holder loom and wool loops and it made the standard (but small-ish) potholders. 

Here is the new pot holder made on the bigger loom.  Pretty big difference in size.

Another photo shot for size.

I show this picture as a lesson!  When I made the first bigger potholder I was sitting on the beach with my sister and cousin.  I wove the potholder and figured I could get it off the loom with just my fingers. After all, that is what I did before.  But on a larger loom, it is way easier to lose control and find a scrambled mess in your hands.  And it was a total mess and I had to take it all apart and start again.  Notice the tool they suggested you use to release the pot holder from the loom.

Notice the anchoring loops used to keep the pot holder ON THE LOOM  until you are finished binding off.

Notice the written instructions that I finally sat down and read before my second attempt at making a simple pot holder.  

After I got over myself, thinking I didn’t need no stupid instructions, (when in reality I did) ... see the 3 potholders I finally made with the very expensive wool loops I purchased when I purchased the larger loom.

I have had the supplies to make these pot holders for more than a year.  When I finally quit my board position and took a hiatus from knitting and crocheting to let my thumb heal .... I discovered I had time for other fun activities - and these pot holders were great fun.

AND just so you know, wool is an ideal fabric for making potholders.  I have had the smaller wool potholders for years and the heat never makes my hand uncomfortable.  But a bigger size potholder makes better sense so you don’t accidentally touch any hot surfaces directly.

Now that these are done, I am once again letting my wondering eye check out what should be next.


Marie Smith said...

You are not idle for long. The larger ones look like the perfect size!

Wendy said...

Well done they look great.

Michelle said...

Love them!

happyone said...

Oh I really like the potholders!!! I will have to look into making some of my own!

Leftycrafter said...

What a fun and useful project. I laughed about needing instructions. Sounds like me too.

A :-) said...

I LOVE these! I have a standard/traditional size loom, and I always pony up the bucks to get Harrisville loops. I like the 100% Cotton ones. I got some cheap loops on Amazon once . . . I have the potholders, but they are awful. Learned my lesson!

Cat said...

I tried making potholders that way. Sadly, the loom was plastic, and I ended up shattering it about half way through making one. Decided it was not my favorite thing, anyway, and used the loops for holding up plants outside. Win! But I like the ones you made!!