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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Price for Stupidity!

New Discovery!! 

Just like Covid 19 - knitting disorders have ‘variants!' 

As I was preparing this blog post to be titled Start-itis, one of my blog buddies, Susan, of e-i-e-i-omg! did a post on AAOCKD - ACK for short! 😁 Or for long:

Advanced Age Obsessive Compulsive Knitting Disorder

(Be sure to follow the link to visit her blog to see what she is up to and how ACK as impacted her.)

I looked up Start-itis just to be sure of the definition. The Urban Dictionary defines Start-itis as - repeatedly starting new projects while having multiple uncompleted projects.  

ACK is most probably very close ‘cousin” of Start-itis. I am guessing that what separates the 2 conditions are the words “advanced age” and “knitting” -  both, by the way, are true for me.  While Start-itis can afflict anyone, at any age, and any activities, ACK seems exclusively directed at us folks of a “certain age!"

In my experience, start-itis is the strong desire to have the completed item - and there are so many many wonderful completed items to be desired in knitting and crochet - that you can’t help but want to start them all. 

I haven’t experienced much start-itis in my knitting life. It always seemed counter productive to have many projects started and then starting another new one - it was like creating multiple distractions to stand in the way of getting any one thing finished.  And when I discover a long ago abandoned unfinished project, I always felt sad for the yarn and the time lost.  My interest in the project and even the yarn itself waned and I ripped out the work - and sometimes even discarded the yarn.

But since January 1st - a fierce case of start-itis or maybe ACK has gripped me.  And it is not project driven - it is yarn driven!  I have a strong desire to actually cast on many of the beautiful - and expensive - yarns I have accumulated over the years.  God knows, I don’t need another scarf or shawl or sweater - I can’t wear all that I have now.  But I want to work with those beautiful yarns and see how they look in a fabric as opposed to sitting idle, wrapped in a ball or skein, for ages and ages.

... BUT

... and it is a very big BUT ... after having casted on a number of new projects - 4 by my count, right after finishing a very large crochet blanket in record time ... I am now paying the cost for all that stupidity!  Here is a pictorial view of the problem ...

Normal right thumb.

Not normal left thumb.

The Fix #1

The “not normal” picture was taken after I spent some time stretching that thumb into a straight position this morning - which it couldn’t hold without help from my right hand - but at least was improved from what I saw when I got up!! Yikes. (And yes, I did knit last night for about 4 hours, ... BECAUSE I thought the problem was due to crocheting, and I was knitting!  Apparently I was wrong.) Bummer.

When I saw how sad my left thumb was this morning, I went out to Google Doctor to self diagnosis myself (no lectures, please, since I had no intention of going to my doctor now and bringing a ‘hitchhiker virus' home to cause other problems, thank you Covid 19. 😷)  Turns out my symptoms match exactly Trigger Thumb caused by over use - it even listed crafts as a culprit! Crap!  The price I pay for stupidity! So Fix #1 is no knitting or crocheting for awhile, the use of a thumb brace, and anti-inflammatories - like Advil! While I was getting Fix #1 implemented my brain was thinking ... What will I do with my time!!!  

Well being a hobby hoarder collector, gratefully I have options.

I have about 20 puzzles waiting to be completed.  Since I anticipate this 
knitting and crochet abstinence will be for weeks - maybe a few months - 
I set up a puzzle station on a desk - moving the table top computer
that my husband can no longer use - to the side.  It is a great set up because I
can work on the puzzle in short bursts - out of the way of my husband.

I got this puzzle for Christmas.  
A Girl and Her Dragon.

And this one too.  
The Curse of Blackwood Hall.

Fix #3 - WEAVING
My looms have been idle for some time. And I have lost interest in most rigid heddle
looms - in fact I am trying to sell my 24# rigid heddle loom with stand now. But I have 2 smaller rigid heddles, several continuous weave pin looms, and 2 tapestry looms - all of which
I am still interested in using - especially now when knitting and 
crochet is off the table.

Right about now I should have a cousin who is probably jumping up and down with joy.

She has been trying to get me back to weaving for some time.

Fix #4  Legos

 I have about 6 Expert Level Lego buildings
 that I have put on the back burner for years.  It
is hard to explain why that is the case.  I 
LOVE building lego structures.  I started
one of my kits last night and marveled at why
I hadn’t been doing this all along.

This set matches another set I have already created.

And just this Christmas I got the Lego Tree house!!
I can’t wait to start that.

Fix # 5  Audio Books

Add to that a rather large library of audio books I need to catch up on while I
make an effort to increase my daily step counts.

And no pictures for Fix #6, but a to-do list calls to me as well - items that have been bumped and bumped and bumped, again and again, when the siren’s call of knitting begs me to sit and just knit.  Stuff like cleaning out the pantry so I don’t buy stuff I already have while discarding stuff I brought with me from the townhouse 5 1/2 years ago (that just may be out of date - ha!, or I won’t eat because it is just too unhealthy,) and sorting out some more craft items I want to donate so that I can focus on the items I really want to do when my thumb returns to normal.  And there is always the mundane stuff like the laundry this is waiting for me right now as I finish this post - and if I don’t get to it by the morning, I’ll be wearing the dirty stuff again.  Ugh!

No - I have plenty to keep me busy.  But despite all my good intentions and all my appropriate Fixes ... I still feel sad about setting aside all my wonderful yarn.

But no matter ... I am left handed and this is my left thumb and ... have you tried to do anything recently without using your thumbs?  Let me assure you - it is damn hard!! And if I want this left thumb back without pain and with some strength ... I need to let it heal and hope it is not a permanent feature.  

The consequences of my stupidity shouldn’t be a life long sentence.  *sigh*



Marie Smith said...

I hope your thumb heals quickly. You are right to stay out of the doctor’s office these days. It is far too risky a venture. You have some great options to occupy your time. I will be interested to know what you decide and to see the result.

Cat said...

Sorry to hear about the thumb. Know several knitters that have had that problem. Unlike you, several didn't have much in the way of other hobbies. That did NOT go well... Eeep.

I don't know a lot about weaving, but could you use/incorporate some of your yarn for that? It could be used, and you could still enjoy it, hopefully pain free...

I am intrigued by the Lego kits, don't know that I've seen any like that before. Most I have seen are usually pop culture, Doctor Who, Star Wars, that sort of thing... Enjoy!

A :-) said...

Well crud. I'm sorry to hear this. Since this is inflammatory in nature you might want to consider adding ice to your mix. Until the pandemic I had one entire basket in my freezer devoted to ice for assorted parts of my body. :-D :-D Who knew ice would be our new best friend once we reach a certain age. Hoping it will calm down for you soon. I just finished a very challenging puzzle, myself!

happyone said...

Hope your thumb returns to normal soon. In the meantime it sounds like you have lots to keep you busy!

Becki said...

Oh my goodness, you have my sympathies. I came looking for what was making your hands hurt. I, too, have hurt my left thumb joint or ligament (low down near the wrist) and am also wearing a splint. My injury is different, but yes - it's incredible how much one needs their thumbs for, isn't it? I'm giving myself at least 'till the end of January before I start seeking medical help. Mine is not really improving, but I have this hope that it will "if I just give it a little more time".