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Sunday, December 26, 2010

After the "storm" and before the storm

Our Christmas turned out better than I anticipated. I'll post more about the unexpected nature of our holiday tomorrow. Needless to say, we have much to be thankful for this year.

Thankfully Mom and I survived the "storm" that was our December. Mom is doing well. She sleeps now until 9:00 am and is coming downstairs for all her meals. I think she is catching up on her rest. Tomorrow we start in earnest the regular exercises that she was given while in rehab. And sometime this week Physcial Therapy will start again at home.

I have slept exceedingly well for 3 nights in a row!!! (Three whole nights - that is huge!!! ) I haven't been able to do that since November. However, I begin my mornings with a feeling that my energy levels are normal - and then by noon or so, I am fatigued again. I am guessing that 3 nights of sleep doesn't make up for missing about 3 weeks of sleep. :-) Regardless, it is wonderful to feel rested at least part of the day. While I was with mom in the hospital and rehab, I never felt rested. It is a terrible feeling.

Today I decided to go for a walk. I knew it would be hard, but a snow storm was coming and I wanted to get out before it came. And it was hard! I was tired about 10 minutes into the walk. And the walk wasn't refreshing or invigorating like it was several weeks ago - when I got to walk exactly once. But I pushed myself to complete 30 minutes and according to my pedometer I walked about 1.5 miles. And then I came home and promptly laid on the couch. Pathetic. But it is a start. And here I am at 9:30 pm in the evening and I am still awake. Good sign!

Hope every one's holiday was joyful. I'll be sharing ours with pictures tomorrow. You can't even begin to know what a mayhem it was!! Check in tomorrow.

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  1. Didn't get much snow which I'm thankful for. The roads by me are white - not from snow, but from SALT!
    Glad things are improving with your mom and that you are getting some rest too.
    A little walk is better than none. :-)
    It was a windy walk for me this morning!!!!


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