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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Break Out Winter Walk

Oh my goodness, I took a walk today and it was glorious!!

Cold, windy, sunny, and totally by myself for 25 glorious minutes - breathing in the cold, clean winter air. That walk was good for my soul!

I haven't worn my pedometer since I clocked a whole 181 steps on the day I was most ill. It was too depressing to see that total so I took my pedometer off. I think tomorrow I will put it back on.

I thought the picture above was very telling of the season. Although it is not technically winter - this picture says "Winter Shadows" to me - trees without any leaves, me bundled up in my long, puffy dog walking coat ... a coat that is so warm I don't need to wear layers underneath. My shadow makes me look about seven feet tall!

There was no specific walking route today. I walked where it suited my fancy. I wanted to stay close to home in case I petered out. I passed by an open ball field, and I noticed a man with his two big dogs. One was a full size white poodle and one was a lab mix. The man was surrounded by about 6 orange retriever dummies.

The white poodle was sunning himself by his owner. Didn't look to me like running was his thing. The lab was running back and forth joyfully retrieving the dummy every time it was thrown. He couldn't wait for it to be thrown again, couldn't get to it fast enough or return quick enough so it could be thrown again. I had to laugh. It appeared that these two dogs were doing what each does best.

I walked through that ball park, and as I got to the other end I turned to look at the dogs again. Apparently I made some false assumptions about these dogs. Now the lab as laying down enjoying the sun and the poodle was going through his paces. I stopped again to watch. I noticed that the poodle was inclined to do things in his own time. He was at the far end of the field looking around for the dummy (It was orange and clearly visible even from where I was), and then he stopped looking and took a pee (when Nature calls you have to respond), and then he found the dummy, and then started back, but half way to his owner dropped it - and took a dump (Nature again ?? ... or another delaying tactic ?? :-) ), and then, eventually, he picked up the dummy and returned to his owner who stood quietly. There was no calling, gesturing, or encouraging from the man - just stillness, waiting quietly for the poodle to finally return. And when the poodle did return, he came up to the left of his owner and sat. Both dogs did the same thing, but each had his own style. Too funny!

I felt like laughing out loud! Joy at finally getting out for a walk, breathing the cold winter air, enjoyment at watching two well trained dogs go through their paces and watching how each dog marched to his own drum.

And mega joy at being free to just enjoy this beautiful day by myself - even if only for 25 minutes. I went back to the house refreshed.

Yes, walking is good for the soul.

However, this evening I feel like I was it by a truck!! Boy I am tired. Getting my energy back is going to be a challenge. But it was worth it. Great walk!


  1. Glad to hear you got out of the house by yourself, all will improve in time.

  2. You do sound like you are on the mend in more than one way! Hugs, Linda

  3. Amazing what a walk can do. :-)
    Glad you are starting to get out and about again!


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