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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At "home" in rehab

So here are some views of my "home" ... mine and mom's, for the last week. Brooke Grove Rehab and Skilled Nursing is located in Sandy Spring, Maryland. It really has been a wonderful place to have a loved one. Mom wasn't happy to be there, but I can tell you that she has nothing to compare it to - and I do. She got very lucky.

Here is a view of the lobby. You can't see it in this shot, but on one of the chairs facing the fire place a resident cat sleeps. Do cats know where to sit or what!!

This is the Nurses Station decorated for the holidays. As you can see, the staff doesn't really "hang out" there. They are spread out in one of three wings that span out from this station. Rarely did I see more than one or two people there. They are busy with the residents.

For the season, they are frequently decked out in red and green holiday stuff, pins, beads, Santa Hats, holiday scrubs, red antlers ... too funny really. The first time I visited all the staff had red antlers on their heads.

In addition, I never once heard a resident addressed in anger or frustration. They were always treated with respect, patience and love. I also never smelled anything - never! The residents are always clean and well cared for.

Here is mom checking the news paper while sitting in her wheel chair in the dining room. Out the window in front of her is a large beautiful gazebo.

This is a side view of the building and back yard. This building sits in the middle of about 250 acres. There is a long drive way (probably 3/4 of a mile or so) through a span of woods and the rehab complex is located deep within the community. There are areas that have independent living cottages, and I was told they have Assisted Living and an Alzheimer's Unit, but I never saw those buildings.

And finally a shot of the resident cat - heating herself by the fire. They had 2 resident dogs and a bunch of birds. I know that several of the residents have personal pets. Visitor dogs were also welcome, and Milo and Morgan were there one day together ... drawing the staff into mom's room ... many finding professional excuses to visit room 121, and some just coming in with no excuse to see the dogs.

A very relaxed facility, but well run.


  1. If you have to be in a rehab home that certainly looks like the one to be in!!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you all are on track to be home soon, though.


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