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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A brief series of updates

Update family: All are well and normal again.

Update mom: She is well but still weak. PT started today. I posted her daily to-dos on her den door. She is reminded (and I am reminded) of what she has to do each day with regard to exercises and goals. (I guess being a former teacher never goes away.) Last night she was unable to sleep - I am guessing the anticipation of a nurse coming at 8:00 am this morning kept her up, and she had some diarrhea (due to the dinner I gave her - still too early for her to have breaded fish by Gordon's - my fault. Note to self: Don't make your mother sick twice in the same month!!) But regardless, she is making progress each day.

Update me: Well, although I can eat anything I want and do anything I want, I run out of energy pretty fast. I think that is because I wasn't recovered from my own illness when mom got sick. But I am a normally healthy person and that should improve as well with every day that passes. In fact, I plan to go out for a walk this afternoon. It will be a short walk, because I have been off exercise AGAIN - and I am still building up my endurance, but I will be walking today.

Thank you to those who have being sending email messages of inquiry and encouragement. Everyday I hear from someone else. Thank you to my son, his girl friend, Meathead and Grimace for sending the Get Well card to his Grandmother. That card made her day!! Thank you to my sister for bringing mom flowers. Those flowers made the cats day!! :-)


  1. I will get to the post office today! You are all in my thoughts - what an ordeal you have been through!

  2. Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on! Best of luck while your Mom recovers and I hope you get some good walking in soon! I love walking too, great to be in the outdoors,communing with nature, and getting some good aerobic activity!

  3. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for all of you.
    The wind should be gone by tomorrow. It will make for a more pleasant walk for you. :-) Early this morning there was hardly any wind when I walked.


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