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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hand-over-hand out of Quick Sand

Have you ever felt like the last 12 months of your life were a nose-dive? Everything you touched, did, saw and felt seemed to have sunk into quick-sand. Progress during this time was seen as not sinking below the level of the sand pit - your head is still popping out - even if it is only your nose! Well, that was my 2010.

This year, 2011, feels different. This year, despite its dismal start, has promise. I am trying to return to the values and activities that gave me so much happiness and peace in the past. The goals of the next 20 years are still my beacon. How to document my progress is still a work-in-progress. But some stuff is falling into place finally.

Walking 2011: This tab now tracks just a few stats for each month. It is enough to keep me motivated to improve each month but not so much to make it a chore.

Reading List 2011: Having a place to list the books I have read in a year makes more sense than writing down who my favorite authors are. I won't review every book I read, just the ones that made a very positive impression.

Fiber Projects 2011: A list the finished fiber projects in 2011 - and the yardage used towards my goal of 5,000 yards of yarn in a year. Pictures will be showcased in the body of the bog.

De-clutter: I am in a "throw out" mood. When my thoughts are turbulent and peace is absent, my mind is not helped by the abundance of "stuff" that fills my house. Clean surfaces, less stuff, organization. I need to do more cleaning out and I will keep my progress listed on this tab.

A good start to 2011.


  1. Sounds like a great start to me!

  2. a wonderful start! i loved how you have broken down and categorized everything....a great way to track progress! i downsized to live in my van. being immobile this winter in larger quarters has invited accumulation of stuff. will be downsizing again soon....and walking when the ice melts.

  3. Hoboknitter and Linda

    Thanks for your supportive comments. I always start out tracking everything, and get burned out really quick. After awhile I settle down to the basics.

    Hoboknitter, I find your van living to be very interesting. We have 3 floors of a town house and although I regularly clean out, the stuff seems to muliply independent of us. Not possible, of course! :-)

  4. oh, but it does multiply. like rabbits, or sheep. downsizing is like flock management :-)


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