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Monday, April 8, 2019

G - Grand Child

G is for Grand Child

ok, ok, ok

I know!!

Being a grand parent isn't a universal experience in life like aging!
You don't even need to be retired to become a grand parent!

But if you had a grand child like this one ...

Seriously ... 
wouldn't you take any excuse to show her off if she was your 
grand baby?

In addition, it shows off my knitting and crocheting projects - a hobby in retirement!!

Any excuse to show off this beautiful little person!

As long as I am a little bit off topic, let me share with you just how much of a miracle this little girl is to me.

I am the mother of two enormously wonderful and successful people: a son and a daughter.  I have always said - raising children is like walking through a mine field - some of us make it successfully and some of us don't.  I think I made it successfully.  

Through my kids adult years - having children of their own never seemed to be on their radar - at least not that they shared with me.  Both of them now are in their 40s.  The paths of their lives seem set - and I was content. They are happy, successful and responsible people.  What more could a mother want for her children. I accepted the fact that I would not be a grandmother.

When my son announced that he and wife were expecting a child - I remember initial feelings of disbelief, needing to take deep breaths, covering my face with my hands to absorb this new bit of unbelievable information in private - while tears began to form.  My God .. could this be happening!!

When this beautiful little person was born (and she was beautiful and very alert at birth) - all I could think of was ... There is a God and I guess I did something right in my 70 years on this earth!

Just learning to sit.  She was pleased with herself!

Eskarina is always fascinated with her granddad's glasses.
He is legally blind and wears them to control bright light situations.

Grand children are the icing on the cake of life!  

I was happy with just the cake.
I am thrilled beyond measure with the icing. 


Michelle said...

Such sweet icing. :-D

Cynthia said...

Just LOVE your last three sentences. So true! I have four grand boys and they bring such joy to my life. My only regret is living so far away.

M.K. said...

She's just delightful and adorable! (Can't wait for my grandbaby boy this summer!) And your knitting and crocheting that she's sporting - stunning! I'm finding baby knitting a challenge.

Marie Smith said...

A grandchild is one of the great blessings in life for certain.

Lynn Proctor said...

I totally agree- very sweet icing😍

happyone said...

There is just nothing else like a grandchild!! :)
Hard to believe my oldest is going to be 28 and the youngest is 13.
I might be a great grandmother but don't know it. :( Debbi still not speaking to us and she lives in Denver as do the kids.
Your granddaughter is soooo cute!!!

John Holton said...

The hat is crocheted, the sweater is knitted, right? Mary's a knitter...

Retired Knitter said...


I would share Eskarina as often as possible . . .
And your exceptional knitting and crochet as well!
Oh my, what an adorable little gem . . .
Sharing your JOY . . . made my day!

Usually my comments take . . . not today . . .

MsDarkstar said...

My daughter (in her 20s) has no interest in having children. And I'm fine with that.

My grandparents set the bar really high for "good grandparenting" and I think I'd always feel I was falling short. (And my daughter lives about 1000 miles from me and neither of us plans to move - so visits would be infrequent, at best).

It's great that you get to spend time with/have fun with your grandbaby!

A-to-Z participant MsDarkstar - Darkstarian Discourse

netablogs said...

What a beautiful post and I can relate to much of it! I wondered if I was ever going to be a grandma and when my son and his wife announced she was expecting (2 years ago), I was VERY emotional. It was just the best moment! And then when I met my grandson for the first time and held him.. oh my! The best.
Your granddaughter is beautiful! And the sweater is gorgeous.. great work!

Wendy said...

She is definitely gorgeous and you are right to shout it from the rooftops. Grandchildren are wonderful.

Lael said...

OOoh I'm all teary! YES! ALl the yes.
She is darling.

Cat said...

I am trying to think, I believe the term they use for Fashion Icons, is the "It Girl". Yes. Yes, she is. And that outfit is extremely adorable!


Little Wandering Wren said...

What a sweetie - she looks adorable in all your creations. A beautiful post!
Wren x

netablogs said...

Your granddaughter is so beautiful! And she must feel like a million bucks in that outfit haha! Grandchildren are the best, I have to agree.